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7 Signs You Should Decline a Job Offer

May 10th, 2016

You’ve been searching for a new job for months. Finally, you receive an offer. The trouble is, you have some doubts. How can you tell whether you should accept the position or move on? Here are 7 signs to look out for that you should decline the offer:

Sign #1: The company has a poor employer reputation.

After your interview, you started to do some digging on the Internet about the company – and the results so far haven’t been good. There are endless negative reviews online about working for the company.

Sign #2: You’re not clear about certain aspects of the position.

You’ve asked the questions, but have only received vague answers about goals and expectations. As a result, you’re not totally clear about what you’d be doing on a daily basis – and how your performance would be measured.

Sign #3: There’s no work life balance.

The job sounds great – except you know it would take over your life. You’d be tied up at night and on weekends. You wouldn’t be able to maintain a healthy work life balance.

Sign #4: The position requires a skill you don’t have.

You have all the skills to do the job – except a critical one. It’s ok if you don’t meet every requirement for the job, as long as you’re interested in developing the necessary skills to eventually be successful in the position. If you’re not, though, then the role isn’t right for you.

Sign #5: The salary isn’t high enough.

The salary is the same as what you currently make, or a step below. Or perhaps it’s more than what you make, but not competitive in terms of what the market typically offers for candidates with your skill level and experience.

Sign #6: There’s a lot of turnover.

Some turnover is a good thing. But a lot of turnover signifies that the company isn’t investing in its people and working to keep them satisfied.

Sign #7: You have a gut feeling.

Sometimes you can’t articulate why a position isn’t right for you. You just have a feeling in your gut. If that’s the case, then you know it’s right to decline the job.

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