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Beyond the Daily Duties: Evaluating a Job Offer

December 18th, 2018

When you get a job offer, you want to shout it from the roof tops. However, before you get too excited, it’s important to take a step back and evaluate it first. One of the areas to look at is obviously the duties and responsibilities that come with it. For instance, are you comfortable with the role and confident you can perform well in it? If you got the offer, the answer is likely “yes.”

However, as one of Spokane, Washington’s top employment firms, Provisional knows that beyond your daily tasks, there are several other aspects that are vital to evaluate before you sign on the dotted line. To ensure you make the best decision for both you and your career, here’s a look at five of them:

#1: Scheduling flexibility.

If it’s critical for you to maintain a flexible schedule, is the company able to meet that need? If they’re not, don’t sell yourself short by accepting a position that forces you into a schedule that doesn’t work for you.

#2: Culture.

This is simply the personality of the company. Does it feel like a fit for you? When you were interviewing and touring the organization, did you get a warm, fuzzy feeling or a sinking one in your gut? These are key questions to ask considering that you’ll be spending most of your waking hours in the office.

#3: Commute.

If your commute is less than you current role, then of course, your decision is a no-brainer. However, if it tacks on more than 10 minutes, how is that going to impact your lifestyle? In the excitement of getting the offer, don’t overlook this issue. It can have a significant affect on your quality of life and satisfaction on the job.

#4: Salary and compensation.

When you’re looking at your full compensation package, make sure you spend some time crunching the numbers. For instance, your salary might be higher in this new position, however, are your health insurance premiums higher, as well? You need to take into account the full financial picture of what you’re being offered to ensure it’s competitive and makes sense for you.

#5: The perks.

What other perks are being offered? Beyond salary and compensation, will you get a company phone or car? Can you join the local gym at a discounted rate? Will you get substantially more time off than at your last job? Is there a daycare on-site for your children to attend? These are all important features to take into consideration, so you make the best choice for you and your career.

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