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6 Must-Do Steps Before Every Job Interview

August 8th, 2017

As one of the top employment agencies in Spokane, WA, Provisional knows that interviewing for a new job is a stressful experience. After all, you have a lot on the line. What steps can you take to make the most of the opportunity – and hopefully land the offer? Start with these 6 steps:

Step #1: Research the company.

Before you walk into an interview, you need to prep yourself by researching the company. Read through their website and blog posts. Look for news articles about them online. And check out their social media profiles and most recent updates. That way, you can better tie in your background and experience with their needs.

Step #2: Research the hiring manager.

If you know the name of the hiring manager, look for them on LinkedIn. Search out any background commonalities, whether it’s a former employer or where you went to high school. You can use this information to break the ice during the interview and also make a connection with the hiring manager.

Step #3: Make a list of questions.

Asking the right questions is a vital part of the job interview process. Not only will it help you gain the insight and information you need to make the right decision should you get an offer, but it also sends the message to the hiring manager that you’re well prepared. So create a list of questions to ask about the position, the company and the culture.

Step #4: Review your job description.

The day before the interview, take another look at the job posting so it’s fresh in your mind. Look for any qualities or requirements that didn’t stand out to you before that you need to address. Also, make sure you’re prepared to talk about why you’re a good fit for the position and the contributions you can make in it.

Step #5: Think through your answers.

While you don’t want to practice your answers so much that you sound rehearsed, you do want to make sure you think through how you would answer common interview questions. Look up some questions online and list out any important points about your background or experience you’d like to highlight for each one.

Step #6: Know where you’re going and what you’re wearing.

Before the day of the interview, do a dry run and drive to the location at a similar time as your interview, if you can. That way, you can get a sense of the level of traffic and any construction that might slow you down. In addition, make sure you select your interview attire well beforehand and ensure it’s dry cleaned and ready for your big day.

Need more professional help landing and preparing for interviews?

Call the experts at Provisional. As one of the top employment agencies in Spokane, WA, we can help you with every aspect of your search, from resumes and interviews to connecting you with top opportunities. In fact, we’ve placed more than 8,000 direct hire employees with leading local employers since 1994. Contact us today if you’re ready to learn more.

Are You Really Prepared for Your Next Job Interview?

July 17th, 2012

You have a job interview scheduled and you’ve done all your homework. You’ve researched the company, prepared answers to commonly asked questions, and developed a list of your own thoughtful questions about the position and the employer.

You’re done, right? Wrong!

As one of the Northwest’s leading employment agencies, Provisional knows that besides preparing for what will be discussed, there are also a few items you need to bring along with you. Here’s a look:

Copies of your resume and letters of recommendation.

The interviewer may not have asked for you to bring copies, but it can’t hurt. If there’s someone there who doesn’t have a copy of your resume or recommendation letters, then you can give them one from your stack. This will demonstrate that you’re well prepared for the interview.

A list of three to five references.

Another way to demonstrate your preparation is to create a list of three to five professional references, along with their contact information, and bring it with you. If all goes well, at the end of the interview, the interviewer may ask for you to send along references. And if you’ve already got a list ready to go, you’ll go a long way in impressing them. Remember, though, to contact your references ahead of time so they’re prepared when they get the call.

A pen and paper.

You might think you’ll remember everything that’s said during the interview, but chances are, you won’t. So bring along a pen and paper so you can write down important information, such as the names of the people you’re interviewing with, next steps in the interview process, and any additional information you need to send along after the interview.

Directions and phone numbers.

Be sure to print out directions or plug in the address ahead of time to your car GPS navigation system. Also, bring along the phone number of the person you’re interviewing with, just in case you are running late or need additional directions.

Breath mints.

This one is easy to forget, but all too important, especially considering the amount of talking you’ll probably be doing.

In addition, one item NOT to bring with you into the interview is your cell phone. Even if it’s on vibrate, it can still be heard if there’s a pause in the conversation. So leave it in the car.

Looking for Help Landing Interviews?

Let Provisional know. As one of the Northwest’s leading employment agencies, we partner with some of the top employers throughout the Northwest and can work with you to match you with a rewarding job opportunity. Contact Provisional today to learn more.

5 Steps for Impressing an Interviewer

October 5th, 2010

You did it. You landed an interview for a Seattle job opportunity that sounds perfect for you. Take a moment to congratulate yourself. Now, you need to get down to business – and get ready for the interview. So how can you showcase your best qualities and seriously impress the interviewer? Here are 5 steps to take:

Step #1. Learn everything you can about the company.

Their company website is a great place to start. Find out about their mission statement, products and services, and who their customers are. Also, Google their name and see what comes up. There might be an interesting news article about the company that could give you some great insight into how they work, inspire you to ask certain questions during the interview, and generally show the interviewer you’ve done your homework.

Step #2. Evaluate the job description.

What are the requirements outlined in the job description – and how does your own background match? For instance, if the job description says that “problem solving is a must,” come up with specific examples of how you approached a specific problem in a previous position and delivered a positive result. Having a successful track record, as well as a background that matches the employer’s requirements, will only serve to impress the interviewer.

Step #3. Make a good first impression.

If you’re not sure how to dress, then go with a business suit (it’s better to be over-dressed rather than under-dressed). Also, give yourself plenty of extra time to get to the interview location. You never know when things like rush hour, construction, or bad weather will slow you down. And always greet the interviewer with a firm handshake, plenty of eye contact, and a confident smile.

Step #4. Ask lots of questions.

A job interview isn’t just an opportunity for a Seattle employer to evaluate you – it’s also an opportunity for you to evaluate the employer. So ask lots of questions, such as:

  • Why is the position open?
  • Is there a high turnover rate here?
  • How well has the company performed during the recession? Have there been layoffs?
  • What’s the company’s vision for the future?

Step #5. Don’t forget to follow up.

Whether you think the Seattle job opportunity is a good match for you, or not, always follow up. Be sure to send the interviewer a thank you note for giving you an opportunity to interview. If you’d like to pursue the position, reiterate in your note why you’d be a good match.

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