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Team-Building This Summer? Here’s How to Get the Most From It

June 20th, 2017

Without a strong team in place, you can’t build a successful business. That’s why team-building is so important. And if you’re like many companies, you’re planning team-building activities and events over the summer. How can you get the most from them? With these tips:

Plan an event that’s interesting to employees.

Do your employees generally like the outdoors and to be active? Or are they more indoor people? Whatever the case for you, plan an event that matches their interests. If you force them to do something you know they won’t like, or can’t participate in due to an illness or disability, then it defeats the entire purpose. While you can’t make everyone happy, you can take into account what the majority of your team would want to do for a team-building event.

Set goals.

Whatever activity you do choose, have defined goals in place for what you hope to get out of it. Whether you’re celebrating a big company milestone, integrating new employees onto the team, or overcoming workplace conflict, it’s important to have clear objectives in place. That said, don’t have too many. It’s best to have one or two and then plan the event around those.

Avoid awkward situations.

You want employees to step outside their comfort zone. However, don’t force them to do things that make them uncomfortable or feel awkward. If you do, they’ll simply dis-engage from the entire team-building experience. So if you’re thinking about having everyone do something like share their biggest career fear, skip it. Instead, plan on opportunities to interact with one another that are both focused and fun.

Talk about lessons learned.

When it comes to team-building, the best events are meaningful with a lasting impact. At the very end of the event, or right after, talk about the lessons everyone learned and how you can all leverage them in practical ways on a daily basis at work.

Don’t expect overnight results.

Team-building is a function that should be happening year-round. While it’s fun to plan dedicated events, don’t expect huge results from just one. Rather, when you regularly host team-building activities and also promote and encourage collaboration throughout the rest of the year, then you’re going to see the kinds of results that can really impact your bottom line in a positive way. Not only that, but making it a part of a larger, long-term strategy sends the message that team-building is a company priority.

Do you need more help building a strong team for your company?

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The 3 C’s That Will Undermine Your Team Building Efforts

February 18th, 2014

As one of the leading staffing services firms in Spokane, Washington, Provisional knows the best teams can accomplish more as a whole than they can individually.

But building a great team takes more than just throwing a group of people together and hoping they can work it all out. You have to invest an enormous amount of time and effort to develop rapport and support, establish guidelines and goals, and become a champion for your team.

Unfortunately, though, when it comes to team building, we see many companies make the same mistakes again and again. To help ensure yours isn’t one of them – and you can create a high performing team – here are a few mistakes to avoid:

Lack of Clarity

When people are placed on a certain team or in a certain department just because they have a particular skill set, but they don’t understand goals and expectations of that team, confusion will ensue.

It’s important to ensure everyone on the team – the manager included – has a crystal clear understanding not just of the big picture, but also of the small details. That includes who is responsible for which daily tasks and when and how to report progress.

After all, if people don’t know what their individual roles are or where they’re going, how are they going to achieve anything at all?

Lack of Chemistry

Not everyone needs to be best friends. But when it comes to building a strong team, chemistry does matter. So when selecting members for your team, do your due diligence.

Understand what each person can bring to the table and why they should be a part of the team. Know their core behaviors and learning styles and how those fit with the role and the team as a whole. The last thing you want is to have to serve as a referee rather than a manager.

Lack of Communication

Creating an environment where every member feels like their voice is heard and their opinions matter is vital for the success of any team. Otherwise, problems will arise and spin out of control before you even learn about them.

But when you regularly solicit feedback and input from your team, you have the opportunity to cut issues off at the pass and identify new solutions for building an even stronger team and achieving your business goals.

Need more help hiring for your team? Call Provisional. As one of the leading staffing services firms in Spokane, Washington, we use a consultative approach to provide customized staffing solutions to our clients. Just give us a call today to learn more about how we can help you.

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