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Quality Assurance Guidelines 

At MEDICALPROS, Provisional's specialized healthcare division, quality healthcare recruiting and staffing is our number one priority. Our industry savvy Recruiting Managers recruit the most competent and skilled candidates with specific knowledge in the healthcare specialty areas. Adhering to stringent healthcare regulations, MEDICALPROS ensures quality healthcare professionals through extensive employee screening:

  • Comprehensive screening of all candidates to identify their specific job qualifications
  • Conducting face-to-face interviews
  • Administering healthcare industry-specific skills exams
  • Checking a minimum of two (2) work related references to ascertain experience and work performance. All reference information will be provided to accommodate healthcare company's desire to independently check references
  • Pre-employment drug screening is conducted whenever required
  • Criminal background checks are conducted where required by state or facility
  • Immunization records will be provided where required
  • All temporary employees are insured for malpractice and liability (documentation by insurance carrier will be available upon request)
  • Verifying required state licensing will be conducted and provided where required
  • An employee evaluation will be administered and retained according to JCAHO regulations


Through these extensive and detailed screening methods, MEDICALPROS ensures that we provide the best possible employees for you.


Recruiting Methods

MEDICALPROS employs many techniques to find the best and brightest talented healthcare employees available, including:

  • Advanced internet recruiting
  • Social media
  • Trade shows and career fairs
  • Employee referrals
  • Industry referral network
  • Professional organizations
  • Reassigned employees
  • Layoff and outplacement services
  • Advertisements in general and industry publications
  • Medical vocational school alliances


By understanding your daily operations and corporate culture, our Recruiting Managers are able to recruit the best candidate for your healthcare organization.

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