7 Habits of Highly Successful People for Career Growth

When you want to take the next step in your career, it requires more than luck. You have to develop certain habits that position you for success. What are a few that highly successful people put to use? Here’s a look at 7:

#1: They connect with company leadership.

If you want to earn a promotion, getting on the radar of company leadership is key. To do this, make the effort to attend any company social events or meetings where you can connect with those in leadership roles. Over time, you could even develop a mentoring-type relationship with one of them.

#2: They create alliances across the organization.

Beyond those in leadership positions, it’s also important to forge ties with others in different departments. This will give you more insight into the big picture of how the organization runs and where everyone fits in. It will also help you to create relationships with those who can help you get ahead in your career in the future.

#3: They look for opportunities to shine.

People who move up quickly in their careers do more than just their daily tasks. They go the extra mile and look for opportunities where they can stretch their skills or gain leadership experience. If you’re given the opportunity to take the lead on a project, it could be a major stepping stone in your career.

#4: They’re good listeners.

In today’s tech-driven world, it’s hard to find someone who truly listens. However, it’s the only way to get to the root of problems, show people you care, and motivate and encourage others. When you have good listening skills, it demonstrates that you value other people’s thoughts and opinions – an important skill for getting ahead.

#5: They keep it professional.

From the way they dress to how they conduct themselves in meetings, they always demonstrate professional behavior. They don’t bring emotions to the table but rather facts, logic, and reason. They also avoid office drama and gossip, staying above petty in-fighting.

#6: They think ahead to solve problems.

Not only do employees who get ahead solve existing problems, but they do their homework and look to the future to think through new ones that might occur. They identify the potential for a problem and determine a solution in order to pitch it to their boss before it’s even on their radar.

#7: They keep track of their accomplishments.

This way, when they’re ready to ask for a promotion or start a new job search, they have a handle on the value they can offer. They can talk to their boss or a potential employer about specific accomplishments and the impact these have had on the company.

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