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Tech Workers Are on the Move: How Can You Find Them in 2021?

January 19th, 2021

In the past, many IT workers were expected to be on-site to perform their jobs. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, that’s changed now, as it has for so many other industries. More tech professionals than ever are on the move and working virtually, giving you easier access to them if you’re looking to hire. How can you locate those with the right-fit skills for you?

First, you need to expand your search. Broaden your recruiting efforts to include other parts of the country or the globe. When you do, you’ll be able to access those with the strongest skill set, regardless of where they’re located.

If you are looking outside the Spokane or Boise area to hire, invest in your virtual hiring process. That means making sure it’s straightforward and simple for potential new hires. If it’s glitchy or complicated, top-tier candidates are going to look elsewhere for opportunities.

If you do choose to hire remote workers from other parts of the country, you can benefit from a range of advantages, including:

  • Lower costs. A remote workforce requires less office space, translating into lower related costs, like utilities. You can therefore limit your overhead, investing more in other areas of your business.
  • Increased productivity. The question of productivity is a big one for many employers. However, more and more data is coming out showing that remote workers are actually more productive. In fact, one such study from ConnectSolutions reported that workers experienced a 77% increase in productivity when remote.
  • A more diverse team. When you’re able to hire from anywhere in the country or even the world, you can access individuals with diverse perspectives and skill sets. This can enhance innovation and creativity on your team, driving profits in the process.

If you’d like help tapping into the power of virtual IT workers, turn to the technical recruiters at Provisional Recruiting. We can help businesses hire professionals from anywhere in the U.S., so you have top-quality talent, whether or not they’re local. In fact, we even offer a specialized technical division with recruiters experienced in the IT industry. They’ll work to understand your tech needs and can deliver talented IT professionals with the skills, expertise and experience to move your business forward.

The tech industry is a fast-paced one. With Provisional Recruiting as your tech recruitment agency, we can help you keep up and stay competitive. Simply contact us today to learn more or get started.

What You Can Expect to Pay for Top Finance & Accounting Talent in 2021

January 12th, 2021

When you’re hiring accounting or financial professionals, a big consideration is the cost. A competitive compensation package will help you to attract the best candidates and hire them faster. However, you want to ensure you’re offering an amount your company can sustain, as well. So just what should you consider when you’re looking to recruit finance and accounting professionals?

Just like any other industry, it depends on experience. For instance, in 2021, for an entry-level cost accountant in corporate accounting, the average salary is around $53,300. For a mid-level public accounting manager, the average salary is approximately $76,670. If, however, you’re hiring for a senior-level role instead, a vice president of a financial institution would demand around $129,970.

Consider Virtual Workers for a More Cost-Friendly Solution

In the accounting and finance industry, there are also options for hiring virtual accountants or temporary ones. If, for instance, all your records are digitized and you only need a part-time accountant, it makes sense to hire a virtual freelance one. They’ll be able to access your files through a secure server to collect and manage data and prepare reports.

This has been an increasingly popular option in recent years, even before the COVID-19 pandemic, thanks to advancements in technology. Your business can get the accounting or finance services it needs in a way that’s often far more cost-friendly.

Turn to Our Accounting Staffing Agency for Easy Access to Top Talent

If you’d like professional help taking advantage of virtual accounting or bookkeeping, or hiring your next accountant or finance professional, turn to Provisional Recruiting. We offer a specialized accounting and finance division for all your staffing challenges. Through it, we can help in many ways, including with:

  • Remote Staffing: We can recruit and hire leading accounting and finance professional from across Spokane, Boise, the Pacific Northwest region, and beyond. We’ll ensure you have access to workers who excel in a remote position and can deliver immediate results.
  • Account Temps: If you require an accounting professional for a day, a week, several months or longer, we offer a pool of highly skilled talent to choose from. They offer expertise at every level and many have specialized experience in both public and private accounting.
  • Contract and Contract-to-Hire: This is just another flexible option, ensuring you have access to top-tier professionals when you need them, for a flexible period of time. This will help you to meet your company goals without adding to your overhead.
  • Direct Hire: If you’re looking for full-time accounting or finance professionals, we can source, screen and recruit top candidates for a range of positions, including controller, accounting manager, and more.

If you’re ready for help finding your next accounting or finance professional, Provisional Recruiting is here for you. We’re committed to bringing value to your company and building a lasting partnership with you. Contact us today to learn more.

How a Healthcare Recruiter Can Find You Top Talent in 2021

January 5th, 2021

As the COVID-19 pandemic rages on, the need for healthcare workers has been on the rise in recent months. However, back in the spring, when the virus first made its appearance, healthcare employment decreased 7.8% from April 2020 compared to April 2019. In fact, in the month of April 2020 alone, 1.4 million healthcare workers were laid off in the U.S.

Now, with the pandemic still wreaking havoc, some of these jobs have been restored. However, employment in the healthcare sector is still lower than what it was prior to the pandemic.

This is for many reasons, including the fact that hospitals and healthcare organizations have taken a significant financial hit due to loss of income from elective surgeries and procedures. In addition, patients have avoided routine care out of fear of catching the virus. This further impacted falling revenues.

Now, with the start of a New Year, the situation is still unclear. The new vaccines mean there is light at the end of the tunnel. However, how quickly “normal” will return is in question.

How to Recruit for Healthcare in the Age of COVID-19

In terms of healthcare staffing and recruiting, it’s expected that hiring in the industry will continue to expand as the year unfolds. With an aging population, a pandemic still surging, and a greater need for healthcare across all patients, there will be more of a demand for workers.

As the employment market becomes more competitive, hospitals and other healthcare organizations will therefore need to be proactive to effectively recruit healthcare workers. Not long ago, that meant posting an ad and screening resumes. Now, though, you must factor in social media, data analytics, AI and a host of other technologies. While it can take time and effort to integrate these into your hiring process, they can help you recruit better-fit talent faster, all while building a network of passive talent.

In addition, to appeal to the best applicants, the recruitment process must be one that’s candidate-centered. This includes by: making it easy to apply, communicating openly and often with candidates about progress, and promoting the perks and benefits you’re offering. From an attractive compensation package to flexible scheduling, these are the kinds of advantages top-tier candidates will be looking for.

Get Help from Provisional Recruiting

If you’d prefer to get help from expert healthcare recruiters, turn to Provisional Recruiting. We have in-depth knowledge of the healthcare industry and know where to look to find skilled workers for a range of positions, from nurses to CNAs to healthcare administrators and non-clinical staff.

In fact, we even offer a specialized healthcare recruitment division in the Inland Northwest that’s a leading provider of nursing and allied health professionals. We also have the processes and technology in place that enable us to work faster, nurturing relationships and finding the right people for your organization’s individual needs.

In the end, you’ll be able to hire quality talent in a way that’s easier and more cost-effective for you. You’ll also have a partner in Provisional Recruiting, one you can turn to time and again for the medical and non-clinical professionals you need. If you’re ready to learn more, simply contact our team today.

It’s a Job Seeker’s Market in Boise, Idaho. We Can Get You Hired.

December 29th, 2020

Are you looking for a new job in nursing, one that enables you to attain a higher quality of life? Provisional Recruiting can help. We work with hospitals and healthcare organizations across Boise that are experiencing a nursing shortage. They’re looking for qualified and experienced healthcare workers to help meet the surge in demand for patient care. In addition to that, they’re boosting their compensation packages to attract the top candidates.

If you’re interested in making a move to Boise, Idaho for a nursing job, here are a few perks we can offer you:

We’ll connect you with top employers.

At Provisional Recruiting, we work with hospitals, clinics, home care agencies and a range of other healthcare organizations that are among the best in the field. As a result of these relationships, we can help you get your foot in the door with them and your resume in front of the decision makers.

We’ll give you feedback on your resume and help you prepare for interviews.

Before we do that, we’ll work with you on your resume, so it’s as persuasive as possible. We’ll also provide coaching for the interview process, so you walk into the conversation with more confidence. You’ll make a better impression and increase your odds of getting hired.

We can help you negotiate the best compensation package possible.

If you are offered a position, we can help you negotiate your compensation package. This is an area many candidates have difficulties with, but at Provisional Recruiting, we know exactly how to approach the conversation. We’ll factor in your experience level and the type of position, all to ensure you negotiate the most competitive package possible.

We can offer opportunities in an area with an excellent cost of living.

The Boise area offers an excellent cost of living. If you’re coming from a large city, your paycheck might have been stretched in the past. However, in the Boise area, you can expect:

  • A city that’s one of the fastest growing in the Pacific Northwest.
  • A cost of living that’s around 4% lower than the U.S. average cost of living.
  • Plenty to do from arts and culture to sports, world class dining and more.
  • One of the safest cities in the country, located in an area that’s also surrounded by nature.
  • Great schools and educational opportunities, from pre-K through college-level.

Are you interested in a change of scenery and a change in employment?

Let Provisional Recruiting help you find a nurse or nurse practitioner job that’s an excellent match for you in Boise. We’ll learn about your background, experience and personality, all so we can match you with the best-fit position possible. Contact us today to get started or search our nursing jobs in Boise now!

Nursing Recruitment Do’s and Don’ts

December 22nd, 2020

Finding the right crop of nurses to meet your staffing needs has always been challenging. But in the day and age of COVID-19, it can feel almost impossible.

Not only are nurses in high demand, making them difficult to recruit, but they have new concerns over COVID-19 and expectations for employers that have never existed before. It’s therefore harder than ever to find and hire the nurses you need.

The good news is, with the right approach, you can locate skilled professionals for your job openings. The first step is knowing what today’s nurses want from a potential employer. This includes:

  • Work-life balance. This is especially important for nurses if they have children learning virtually at home or older relatives they’re caring for. Never before has life been so challenging for families and candidates appreciate those employers who show some flexibility in helping them maintain balance.
  • Stringent safety protocols. Nurses will expect your organization to follow all recommended guidelines in terms of PPE, sanitization, social distancing and more. They’re on the front lines caring for patients each day and want employers who are proactively taking steps to keep them safe.
  • A positive employer brand. Nurses want to work for those healthcare organizations with a strong reputation for excellent patient care. They also want to feel valued and have access to opportunities to make meaningful contributions at work.

Now, knowing what nurses are looking for in potential employers, how can you attract the best ones to your positions? Here are a few do’s and don’ts to follow:

Do make the hiring process easy.

If the hiring process is long or complicated, or it’s hard to apply, the best candidates are going to look elsewhere. It’s important instead to make the entire process, from start to finish, a positive and straightforward experience.

Do develop an attractive benefits package.

Make sure the salary and benefits you’re offering are competitive for your position and your area. Even better, makes yours more lucrative than other healthcare organizations. This will catch the eye of experienced nurses and you’ll have an easier time finding the qualified professionals you need, faster.

Don’t keep candidates waiting.

It’s a competitive market for nurses. If your hiring process is long and cumbersome, you’re going to lose out on your top pick. It’s why you need to identify any bottlenecks and eliminate them. Also, during the entire process, keep the lines of communication open with each candidate through regular updates.

Do connect with nursing recruitment agencies.

At Provisional Recruiting, we have the knowledge, resources and expertise to connect you with qualified nursing candidates. We can help you hire faster and more cost-efficiently, all while enabling you to build a strong nursing team.

If you’re ready for professional help hiring nurses – from LPNs and RNs to nurse practitioners and more – and creating a strong talent pipeline you can tap in the future, Provisional Recruiting is here for you. Contact us today to get started and find out more.

Why You Need to Build a Candidate Pipeline with the Help of a Healthcare Recruiter

December 15th, 2020

It’s been a difficult year for everyone, with healthcare organizations taking a big hit. If you’re looking to hire, it can be especially challenging in a climate where medical professionals are so in demand. This is particularly true for hospitals and elder care staffing.

As more and more workers get exposed to COVID-19 and must quarantine, it’s keeping staffing levels at an optimal level can feel impossible. In addition, with cases rising, it’s putting even more of a strain on the healthcare system. It’s a one-two punch put healthcare organizations and workers under an enormous amount of stress.

Also, when it comes to the act of hiring itself, the near-overnight changes are dramatic. Gone are the days of the in-person interview, Instead, now, you must rely on Zoom meetings and other video tools in order to interview and screen potential new hires virtually and get them on board as quickly as possible.

What’s more is that even before the COVID-19 pandemic, healthcare professionals were hard to recruit. In fact, the industry was projected to add more jobs – over 4 million – than any other industry between 2012 and 2022, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). Now, that number is likely higher, which is why it’s so important for healthcare organizations to consider help from a recruiter.

That’s where Provisional Recruiting can help. As an experienced recruiter in the healthcare industry, we can provide you with a range of valuable benefits, including:

  • Knowledge. We understand the critical role of medical professionals in this global crisis and can work with you to source and screen the qualified people you need in many different roles, from nurse to COVID screener. We know where to find top talent and what they’re looking for in an employer. We also understand how to best promote your opportunities, so they’re appealing to qualified individuals.
  • Strategy. In addition to our knowledge of the healthcare industry, we can also help you create a staffing strategy that makes sense of your organization. Hiring by the seat of your pants doesn’t work well. Instead, we’ll invest time and energy in learning about your organization, as well as its hiring needs and culture, all so we can keep you staffed optimally at all times.
  • Fit. During the hiring process, it’s important to go well beyond the resume and interview performance. Just because a candidate checks all the boxes on paper, doesn’t mean they’re the right fit for your needs. Our experts know how to dig deeper and get behind the candidate mask, so we’re connecting you with healthcare professionals who are truly right for the role and your organization’s culture.

If you’re a healthcare provider who’s looking for help with your staffing function, turn to the experienced recruiters at Provisional Recruiting for help. We can not only help you find the talented professionals you need today, but create a robust talent pipeline for future needs. You’ll be optimally staffed and able to provide better patient care, as a result. Contact us today to get started.

​The Difference Between Headhunters and Healthcare Recruitment Agencies

December 8th, 2020

The demand for healthcare professionals will continue to grow for many reasons, ranging from the COVID-19 pandemic to an aging Baby Boomer population. To ensure you’re able to recruit top-quality candidates, you might be looking for professional help. There are a few options to consider, including both healthcare headhunters and healthcare recruitment agencies. But how are they different and which is the right fit for you? Here’s what you need to know.

What’s a Healthcare Headhunter?

Headhunters are hired by organizations to locate individuals who meet specific job requirements. It sounds straightforward enough. However, what makes them different from a healthcare recruitment agency is how they approach the relationship with employers and candidates.

Headhunters tend to focus on speed and filling empty seats as quickly as possible at a cost that is typically on the the higher end of the spectrum. These professionals usually devote much of their time recruiting online, via email and through other efforts, like high-volume cold calling. When it comes to headhunters, it’s more about mass recruiting to find as many people as possible and less about building relationships.

There’s nothing inherently wrong with this approach and for some hiring companies, it’s what works. However, there is a different way.

What’s a Healthcare Recruitment Agency?

A healthcare recruitment agency is a firm that tends to focus more on relationships and less on transactions. They’re looking at situations from a bigger picture, longer-term perspective. This means working cooperatively with candidates and employers alike to find the best fit between the two. It also means spending a lot of time meeting, on the phone, and talking with candidates and employers. While email is a great automated tool for certain applications, healthcare recruitment agencies tend to focus on cultivating relationships through phone, video and in-person conversations.

Since the focus is on relationship-building, recruitment agencies also tend to have a strong referral network of candidates. This means they have a robust talent pipeline filled with individuals who are qualified and ready to apply and interview. At the end of the day, this approach is all about people and making personal, productive connections.

Why Consider Provisional Recruiting?

At Provisional Recruiting, we offer the best of both worlds. We’re a healthcare recruitment agency that focuses on building long-lasting and mutually beneficial relationships with our hiring companies and our candidates. At the same time, we’re able to meet high volume staffing needs and provide you with quick access to a large number of qualified and skilled people, where and when you need them. Our goal, at the end of the day, is to establish trust among the many clients we serve across Washington and Idaho. We want long-term relationships, not to make a quick buck, and it’s a difference you’ll notice when you work with us.

If you’re a healthcare provider looking to establish a relationship with a recruitment agency, turn to Provisional Recruiting. We’re here for you, helping you source, screen and hire those skilled individuals you need, quickly, for a range of healthcare roles. We can also work with you to look to the future and plan ahead, so you’re staffing your hospital, clinic or agency strategically and building a stronger team as a result. Contact us today to learn more.

Need Extra Cash This Holiday Season? Find Spokane Labor Jobs Now

November 24th, 2020

The year 2020 has been unlike any other. Whether it’s due to an unexpected job loss, reduction in hours, paused projects, or a sick loved one, it’s been a challenging season for employees and employers alike.

That’s the bad news. The good news is there are more job opportunities available as the holidays approach that can help you fill gaps until you get that next full-time offer. These can even transition into permanent roles depending on the company’s needs and the impression you make on them.

Even better, Spokane County is the largest labor market in eastern Washington and northern Idaho. If you’re looking for a seasonal job to make ends meet and get through the end of the year, this is the place to be! Let Provisional Recruiting help you find an opportunity that’s the right fit for you.

We work with employers who are searching for laborers they can count on to keep up with demand. In fact, we have companies who are ready to hire – right now – as soon as they find a worker who’s able to meet their needs. Along the way, we can give you tips on your resume, interview skills, and more, so you make a strong impression and land the position. We’re also able to help you get your foot in the door and in front of employers who you might otherwise not be able to access.

This year has been a hard one for everyone. However, if you’re looking for a labor job in Spokane, let Provisional Recruiting make the process easier. We’ll connect you with opportunities that are a better fit and help you find a new position, faster, so you can overcome your financial difficulties. Our team is standing by, ready to help! Simply contact us today to get started!

Hiring Immediately! Find CMA Jobs in Spokane, WA

November 17th, 2020

Even before COVID-19, the demand for certified medical assistants (CMAs) was expected to grow by 19% from 2019 through 2029. That’s much faster than average when compared to other occupations and is due, in large part, to the aging Baby Boomer population.

Now, with this new global pandemic, the need for qualified CMAs is even greater. If you’re looking for a new job in the field that’s the right fit, where do you begin? Consider a move to Spokane, WA.

Currently, there’s a big demand for CMAs with healthcare employers who are ready to hire almost immediately and offering competitive salary and compensation packages. In Washington State, for instance, the average salary for a CMA is $19.38 per hour. That’s over a dollar more an hour when compared to the national average, which is $18.32 per hour, according to the American Association of Medical Assistants. Of course, if you have many years of experience and any specialized expertise, you can expect higher compensation based on your skill set.

What’s more is that the cost of living for the Spokane area is actually 4% below the national average. That means you’ll have an affordable place to call home, one that still offers every amenity from great schools to sports, entertainment, culture and more.

In fact, the area offers 76 lakes and rivers, 35 public and private golf courses, five ski resorts, six state parks and four national forests. It is also home to 14 school districts and 60 private schools with K-12 options, charter schools, STEM academies, focused skills centers, and bilingual programs.

Ready to Find Your Next CMA job in Spokane?

If you’re ready to make a move to a place where you can live comfortably and happily on a CMA salary, turn to Provisional Recruiting. We count many top healthcare organizations across Spokane County and Northern Idaho as clients and can help you get your foot in the door with them. Before that, though, we’ll take time to learn about your background, skill set, personality and lifestyle. This enables us to match you with the ideal position, as well as the best employer for you.

At Provisional Recruiting, we have employers who are looking for talented CMAs and are ready to hire now! Contact us today to get started.

Spokane Needs Screeners! Find Covid Screener Jobs Now

November 10th, 2020

There’s a brand new job on the marketplace with plenty of opportunities in Spokane and North Idaho. It’s for COVID screeners with demand spiking in the months ahead due to cold weather and close quarters. What exactly is this job? And how can you find one? Here’s what you need to know.

What’s a COVID Screener?

A COVID screener is someone typically employed by a hospital, clinic or another healthcare organization to screen incoming patients for the virus. This includes asking a series of questions to determine a person’s risk for COVID, find out about any symptoms being experienced, travel history in recent weeks, and exposure to someone who has been confirmed to have COVID. Most healthcare organizations now require all incoming patients be questioned, which is where the demand for screeners has come in.

What Are the Daily Duties?

It depends on what your employer needs. However, beyond talking to patients and asking questions, the typical day in the life of a COVID screener can also include the following duties:

  • Screening employees and volunteers.
  • Providing COVID-related information and educational materials when necessary.
  • Acting as an on-site advocate for proper hygiene, social distancing and other protocols, ensuring all who enter the building are properly following them.
  • Entering data into an online database and disseminating information as needed.
  • Maintaining an area that’s clean and hygienic through sterilization of instruments and equipment, sanitizing work stations, and ordering medical and office supplies as needed.

There are many different scheduling opportunities available for COVID screeners. Some organizations offer 9-5 type positions, others are strictly over the weekends, and still others are part-time only. If you already have a full-time job or just a part-time one, it’s an excellent way to supplement your income.

How Can I Find Jobs as a COVID Screener?

It’s easy with Provisional Recruiting. We work with a range of healthcare organizations across Spokane and Northern Idaho and can connect you quickly with opportunities that are the right fit for you. Not only will we help you polish your resume, but get it right in front of potential employers, so you get hired faster. If you’re ready to get started, simply contact our team today!