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How to Spot Growth Potential in a Candidate

July 7th, 2015

When you’re looking to hire, you want someone with the right skills and abilities. However, as one of the Northwest’s leader in specialized recruiting and staffing services, Provisional knows you should also seek out those who have more to offer; in other words, those with growth potential. They may not have the leadership skills you need now, but with the right training and support, they can become your great leaders tomorrow.

How can this benefit your company? In a number of ways. First and foremost, you’re getting a better return on your investment. If you hire someone for a particular job and then enable them to reach their potential through additional training, they will add more value to your organization’s bottom line. You’re helping them, but you’re also helping yourself out in the process.

So how do you spot growth potential in a candidate? Here are some questions to ask during the interview help you:

Describe for me an important task or project you had to complete on your own.

A candidate with growth potential has to be able to work independently. So if they’ve never completed a task or project on their own, it could be an indication that their past managers didn’t trust them to do so or they weren’t comfortable without a circle of support.

Explain a time when you had to change gears on the job.

Today’s environment requires candidates with the ability to adapt quickly. If they can’t, then they’re not cut out for a leadership role. The person you’re looking for should be able to describe how they’ve been flexible in the past, rather than going into panic mode when something’s changed.

Do you have any hobbies or interests outside of work?

When a candidate does, that’s usually a good indication that they like to learn. And those who enjoy learning new things are going to be much more open to new ideas and easier to train for leadership roles. Whether a candidate loves to bike, or enjoys gardening, look for passion, along with an eagerness to learn, to grow and improve.

Describe your perfect job to me?

When a candidate describes their ideal position, you’ll have a very clear sense of what their goals and ambitions are, as well as whether your position and your company are a fit for them.

Do you need more help interviewing and hiring those with growth potential for your company? Call Provisional. Since 1994, we’ve been the Northwest’s leader in specialized recruiting and staffing services, placing over 6,000 direct-hire professionals with companies in Seattle, Spokane, and Coeur d’Alene.

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