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How Your Office Space Could Be Harming Your Employer Brand

February 2nd, 2016

Is your office old and stuffy? Are the computers completely outdated? Is it constantly freezing in the winter, and sweltering in the summer?

These issues may not seem like a big deal to you. But as the Northwest’s leader in specialized recruiting and staffing services, Provisional knows they’re likely wearing on your employees and could actually lead to higher turnover at your company. People want to go to work each day at a place they’re comfortable in…not completely frustrated by.

So what are the issues that cause the most annoyance among your staff? Expert Market, a UK Company, reports the following:

1. Super slow computers. Saving an Excel file should take a second, not an entire minute. If the latter is par for the course at your company, then it’s time for new computers or at least new operating systems.

2. Uncomfortable office chairs. When seating is uncomfortable, it can actually cause your employees back pain, which in turn makes them irritable. Office furniture is expensive, but it’s still vitally important to ensure your people have comfortable seating.

3. A printer that never works. When your printer is constantly breaking down, it’s time for a new one. It’s not worth the headache and hassle it takes, not to mention the big repair bills.

4. Less-than-optimal heating and cooling. Don’t force employees to freeze to death in the winter and boil in the summer. Make sure your office temperature isn’t falling in one extreme or the other.

5. Photocopier not working properly. It seems the copier always breaks down two minutes before a big client meeting. If this is the norm for your office, then save yourself the aggravation and buy a new one.

6. Poor lighting. When employees can’t see their work, they have to strain their eyes, which can lead to headaches in the short-term and eye damage in the long-term.

7. An old phone system. Are customers’ calls constantly being dropped? Is teleconferencing a major hassle? Is the reception staticy? It’s time for a phone system upgrade.

8. Unpleasant restrooms. Restrooms should always be clean and pleasant. Anything less is unacceptable for the workplace.

9. Cramped desks. You don’t need a high-end space in order to offer a comfortable, functional desk to employees.

10. Broken coffee machine. This is a no-no for every office. Make sure your coffee machine is of a decent quality so it’s not constantly breaking.

These issues may seem petty. But they’re a big deal to employees who have to deal with daily discomforts. It can impact employee morale and retention, not to mention your employer brand, when employees and former employees bash your workspace. You might need to get a little creative. But make sure you strive to offer your team a comfortable place to work, free from the issues above.

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