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How to Keep Your Employees On Track Over Summer

July 19th, 2016

Summer is in full swing – and the season can often result in a dip in employee productivity. After all, who wants to be in the office when they could be sitting poolside? But as one of the Northwest’s top recruiting and staffing services, Provisional knows it’s up to you to keep your people on track, even when gorgeous weather beckons.

To help you in the process, here are a few key tips to keep in mind:

Let employees take a longer lunch break.

During the summer months, allow employees to take longer lunch breaks so they can take a stroll after eating or catch up on errands they won’t have to do over the weekend. You can approach this any number of ways, such as adding a ½ hour to everyone’s lunch break. Or allowing staff to take two-hour lunches once or twice a week.

Postpone major initiatives until September.

If you can, postpone the launch of any major projects or initiatives until after summer. This makes sense for several reasons. First, with so many employees going on break and vacation, scheduling the start of a new project can be cumbersome. In addition, people’s minds are on their trips and what they’re going to do after work or on the weekends, so it’s best to wait until fall to launch anything new.

Plan for vacations and down time.

Don’t fight it when employees want to take time off. It’s good for them – and for you. It lets them enjoy much-needed downtime, so they come back to work rejuvenated and refreshed. You may even want to consider letting employees leave early on Fridays during the summer, if you can swing it.

Set the tone.

As the boss, it’s your job to set the tone for the rest of your team members. So if you’re taking extra long lunches every day, coming in late and leaving early, then they likely won’t be taking their work seriously either. Even if it’s hard, it’s important to stay focused on goals and tasks.

Schedule in fun time.

Keep in mind, though, summer is meant for fun. So it’s important to make time for relaxation, whether it’s hosting after-work drinks at a local bar with a patio, or having a summer picnic. Whatever you do, time for fun and socializing helps your team build stronger bonds and be more successful in the long run.

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