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How to Find Out if a Job is Right for You

November 5th, 2019

When you’re looking for a new job, you’re putting your best foot forward. So, too, are hiring managers. As a result, in some cases, they might not give you the clearest picture of what the position really entails or what working at the company is like. And if you’re not sure, you could wind up in a role that’s not a good fit for you.

How do you avoid this kind of situation and find an opportunity that’s a better match? Here are some tips from Provisional – one of the Northwest’s top employment agencies – to help you:

Use your network wisely.

When you’re looking for job leads, your network is a great place to start asking around about possibilities. More than that, though, if you’re interviewing at a company and know someone there, you can reach out to them ahead of time for more insider insight into the culture, leadership team and other important details. 

Don’t know any current employees? Look to LinkedIn to find a connection. Even if they’re not a direct one, reach out to someone in your network who is and ask for an introduction. In most cases, people are willing to help.

Ask to talk to existing employees.

If you’re not able to find an employee to talk to on your own, ask the employer you’re interviewing with. In fact, in many cases, they’ll already have an employee as part of the interview process to give you more first-hand insight into what the job is like. If they don’t, though, ask to connect with one. Most companies will comply and for those who won’t, you’ll have to wonder why. 

Do your homework.

The hiring manager who’s interviewing you is only one source of information. You should be conducting your own research to get the scoop on the company’s reputation both in the field and as an employer. Google them and look for news articles about them. Also, read reviews on sites like Glassdoor and check out their social media profiles for any helpful information. 

Ask lots of questions.

During the interview process, make sure you’re asking questions about the position itself, as well as the company and what it’s like working there. Assess not only the answers you get, but how the hiring manager is responding. Do they seem genuinely open and helpful or more like you’re asking inconvenient questions? This will give you some insight into how upfront they’re being about the job. 

Go with your gut. 

If, after all your research, you don’t feel comfortable about the offer, even if it seems perfect on paper, go with your gut. Your subconscious is telling you something that you shouldn’t ignore.

Need more help finding your next great job?

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