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Want to Nail Your Next Interview? Here’s What to Do

November 26th, 2019

When it comes to job interviews, most hiring managers can spot a bad candidate from a mile away. However, when it comes to mediocre versus excellent ones, it can be difficult to tell the difference. That’s why you need to take the right steps to set yourself apart – and set yourself up for getting the offer. Here are a few to consider:

Remember the small things.

Details matter to hiring managers. For instance, responding quickly to emails, following up after an interview, following directions in the job ad, and supplying references when asked are all important to them. That’s why you should never let your guard down and always put your best foot forward, whether you’re on the phone, in a face-to-face interview or communicating via text or email.

Avoid common mistakes.

There are certain red flags that hiring managers are always on the look out for. These include mistakes such as arriving late, not dressing in professional attire, being rude or immature, keeping your phone on, or not asking questions after the interview. These all spell trouble to hiring managers, which means you won’t get a call back.

Don’t bring up perks or benefits.

If you’re having a phone screen or are going to your first interview, don’t be the one to bring up salary, health insurance and vacation days. The hiring manager will think that’s all you care about, not the actual job. Wait for them to broach the topic. If they offer you a position or it seems like you have a good shot at it, then you can inquire about compensation.

Make sure your references are in order.

Don’t let a poor reference sabotage the job offer. Instead, make sure your references are lined up ahead of time and well-prepared for the hiring manager to call. This means that you need to tell them a little about the role beforehand and why you’re a good fit. Also, suggest any projects you worked on together that would be relevant to the position and a good idea to bring up.

Quantify your accomplishments.

Numbers speak volumes to hiring managers. So if you’re prepared to talk about your accomplishments during the interview, then try to quantify them ahead of time in terms of how they impacted a past or current employer. Not only will you impress the hiring manager, but you’ll also be more memorable in the process.

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