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Prepare to Re-Open Your Manufacturing Business Under Washington State Phase 2 Guidelines

May 19th, 2020

The economic shutdown in Washington State and across the country due to the COVID-19 pandemic has been difficult for everyone, especially employers. Thankfully, Washington’s shelter-in-place guidelines are slowly being lifted, as the state starts coming back to life.

Under Gov. Jay Inslee’s plan to reopen the economy, manufacturers are allowed to resume during Phase 2 of the plan, but have to adhere to strict new procedures. These are designed to stop workers from transmitting the disease to others, leading to another potential outbreak.

So if your manufacturing company falls within the Phase 2 reopening plan, what do you need to know? Here’s a quick overview of manufacturing facility COVID-19 requirements:

Educate workers on how to stay safe.

Employers must explain to their workers the risk of transmission and what policies the company is putting in place to combat it and keep everyone safe and healthy. This needs to be provided in a language that each employee best understands.

Social distancing among the staff.

Manufacturing facilities must also incorporate social distancing policies, keeping workers at least six feet apart at all times. If this amount of distance isn’t feasible for a certain work task, then other measures should be taken, such as limiting the number of workers allowed in that area.

Provide Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

Manufacturing facilities must provide their employees with all the PPE that’s needed, from gloves and face shields to masks, goggles and any other equipment that is appropriate. If an employee is working with others, all must wear a face covering or mask.

Make it easy to wash hands regularly.

Whether it’s by providing frequent hand-washing breaks or giving bottles of hand sanitizer to your workers, it’s important that they are sanitizing their hands regularly. Employees should also consider using disposable gloves where it makes sense to further prevent transmission.

Clean your facility daily.

Your manufacturing facility should be cleaned and sanitized frequently. There should be a particular emphasis on those areas and surfaces that are commonly touched.

Have a plan for screening employees and dealing with sick workers.

Finally, make sure you know the signs of COVID-19, as well as how to screen your employees for the disease. You should screen employees at the start of every shift to ensure they’re healthy. If an employee is sick, require them to remain at home, or if they’re already at work, send them home immediately.

For additional details on the Phase 2 reopening for manufacturing facilities, you can read the state’s guidelines here.

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