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How to Prepare Your Warehouse & Employees to Return to Work

June 16th, 2020

Your warehouse is ready to get back to work. But what about your employees?

They’re not going to be returning to the normal environment they were used to pre-pandemic. Instead, there will be many more safety precautions and measures taken to ensure another spike in COVID-19 cases doesn’t happen.

How can you help your skilled labor and other team members return to work in this age of COVID-19? Here are some tips to keep in mind from the Washington State Department of Labor and Industries:

Mandate social distancing.

If employees regularly work together in large groups, you need to take a different approach before they can return to work. You must be able to keep them at least six feet apart when feasible.

If that’s not practical for your environment, then consider barriers to block germs from spreading, as well as improvements to your ventilation system. You can also stagger the work day, close the break room, use floor markings and tape to define appropriate spacing, and move workstations further apart.

Use face coverings when necessary.

When employees aren’t able to stay socially distant, then require face coverings or masks instead. This is especially helpful if they’re regularly interacting with others, such as customers, suppliers, and vendors. It will protect against the spread of germs, while still enabling them to do their jobs.

Encourage frequent hand washing and sanitation.

Require employees to wash their hands before they get to work each day. Make sure there is an adequate supply of sinks, soap and hand sanitizer. Also, encourage them to wash hands before and after break times and especially before the eat. Consider providing gloves to those whose hands are irritated by frequent hand washing.

Schedule regular cleanings.

Make sure your warehouse and office space is being regularly cleaned and disinfected. This includes having adequate cleaning supplies in supply or having a cleaning service scheduled to come in on a routine basis. In addition, regularly wipe down those surfaces that are high touch, including desks, floors, counters, work vehicles, and other areas that often harbor bacteria and germs.

Conduct daily symptom checks.

Know the signs and symptoms of COVID-19, which can include anything from a high fever to a dry cough, aching, chills and more. If you can, take the temperature of each employee before they enter the building. Educate them too on the signs to look for and if they exhibit any, send them home immediately.

Finding skilled labor and getting them to return to work can be a challenge, especially with the current unemployment benefits. If you need help with the process, Provisional Recruiting can help. Our team can source, screen and help you hire warehouse and office workers, whether on a full-time or temporary basis. We’re simply a call away for skilled labor staffing.