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Why You Should Hire a Gen Z Accountant

July 14th, 2020

When it comes time to hire an accountant, their generation makes a big difference in terms of how to approach the recruitment and interview process. A Baby Boomer or Gen X executive is going to have different attitudes, habits and values than a Gen Z candidate.

How can you connect with and understand this newest generation just graduating and entering the workforce, so you can recruit the next wave of accounting talent you need? Here are some tips to keep in mind when you’re hiring those in Gen Z:

Know their characteristics.

Gen Z includes those candidates who were born anywhere between 1996 and 2020. They are truly the first group of people who are digital natives and grew up with easy access to WiFi, laptops, tablets and every kind of technology right at their fingertips. As a result, technology isn’t just a tool but a way of life for them. This is different from previous generations who view it as a resource to manage work and get it done more efficiently.

Know their expectations.

This generation has a unique set of career expectations when compared to past ones. For instance, many believe that curiosity and open-mindedness are more valuable than a certain skill set or area of expertise. What’s more is that many don’t want more traditional Baby Boomer or Gen X managers, but prefer a Millennial who is more closely aligned to their attitudes and experiences.

Know the value they can offer.

While you might not be currently looking to hire entry-level, Gen Z accountants, you will be eventually. And when you do, rest assured that they’ll come to you with the latest insight and ability when it comes to how to leverage technology in order to make advances in your firm. On top of that, they’re still entry-level, so you’re able to hire them at a cost that is more affordable than a more seasoned accountant.

Know what they’re looking for.

In the past, candidates were most interested in the role and the duties it entailed. Today’s Gen Z candidates want know more about culture. They want to work in a place that’s friendly with high morale and a heavy emphasis on work-life balance. They also want opportunities for training and mentoring so they can get ahead in their careers. When you’re aiming to recruit and hire accountants from the Gen Z crowd, it’s therefore important to focus on these kinds of perks your culture offers.

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