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The Best Step to Take to Get Your Resume Noticed

August 13th, 2019

Despite low unemployment, there are many candidates out there looking for the same kinds of jobs in the Spokane area as you. How are you going to stand out among them, so you get a call for an interview? The best way to do that is by customizing your resume.

When you do, that simply means you’re not sending in the exact same resume for every position you’re applying to. Instead, you’re editing it for each opportunity, so it best speaks to that particular hiring manager. Not only will this make you look like a better prepared candidate, but a better fit one to. 

If you’re not sure where to start, here are some steps to take to tailor your resume:

Focus on your summary of qualifications.

In today’s world, you should be including a summary of qualifications at the top of your resume instead of an objective. This is simply a bullet list of your biggest strengths and best accomplishments. However, what you choose to include, as well as the order you list them in, should certainly change depending on the employer. 

Connect your tasks to specific outcomes.

Hiring managers don’t simply want to know what you were responsible for. They also want to understand the outcomes you achieved. So wherever possible, illustrate your background through specific examples and stories, quantifying them wherever possible. Also make sure you’re focusing on the accomplishments that make the most sense for the employer. 

Highlight the most relevant strengths and abilities. 

Each position comes with a unique set of requirements. Make sure that the skills and abilities you focus on in your resume are aligned with each opportunity. For instance, for one position, collaboration might be key, while for another, knowing a certain software program is critical. It’s up to you to read through the posting to identify the company’s specific hiring needs and then discuss how you can meet them thanks to your unique background. 

Include keywords.

While you’re editing your resume, make sure you’re also including keywords from the job posting. When you do, it will have a better chance of making it through the applicant tracking system, so you get a call for an interview.

Searching for a new job can be tricky. If you’d like help with the process, turn to Provisional. As one of the leading employment agencies in Spokane, we can help with every aspect of it, from tips and advice on your resume to access to hidden jobs with leading local employers. Contact us today to get started

Strained Relationship with Your Boss? Here’s How to Improve It

July 23rd, 2019

Maybe you two lack chemistry or got off on the wrong foot to start. Or perhaps you feel under-appreciated and overworked. Whatever the case, you don’t have a great relationship with your boss and it’s straining your life, both at work and at home. What can you do short of getting a new job? Here are some tips to help you deal with this delicate situation:

Put yourself in their shoes.

It’s easy to get annoyed with your boss if they don’t follow through or seem to take you for granted. But take a step back and put yourself in their shoes. For instance, what would it be like to manage a team of so many different personalities? When you understand their priorities and the pressures they’re under, it’s easier to empathize. 

Get clarification.

If part of the issue is lack of clarification about your work or your goals, then schedule a time to sit down with your boss. Ask them questions about what they expect from you and make sure you understand what they’re asking. This will not only ensure you’re on the same page, but any issues or obstacles to success are brought out into the open and discussed. 

Focus on the positive. 

Remember that your boss is human. They’re going to make mistakes and you’re not always going to agree with the decisions they make. But if that’s all you’re focused on, then it will cause a strain in your relationship. Instead, keep in mind their positive attributes and what you do like and respect about them. 

Get to know them more personally.

For instance, ask them what they did over the weekend or how their kids are doing. The goal here isn’t to become best friends with them, but to forge a stronger and closer relationship that benefits you both. 

Know when it’s time to move on.

If you have a relationship with your boss that’s toxic in nature, then it’s likely not salvageable and time to move on. If that’s the case, connect with the team at Provisional. As one of Spokane’s top employment agencies, we know who’s hiring and can help you make your next career move. Find out how by contacting us today.

How to Polish Your Resume to Improve Your Odds of Getting Hired

July 9th, 2019

When it comes to finding your next great job, you need a resume that’s polished and professional. But if you’re not an expert resume writer, this can be a tough task to tackle. Where do you begin and how do you stand out in a sea of other resumes? Here are some simple tips to put to use today:

Write it like a marketing document.

Too many candidates approach resume writing like they’re authoring a career autobiography. But keep in mind you only have a few seconds to grab the hiring manager’s attention. To do that, you need to keep your resume clear, concise and compelling, focusing on your track record of success and not on every job you’ve held since high school.

Get rid of the objective statement.

This will simply make your resume look dated. Instead, include a Summary of Qualifications at the top that lists out your key strengths and accomplishments that are most relevant to the job.

Use keywords.

Another important aspect for today’s resumes is using keywords throughout it. Many companies employ Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS), which filter resumes based on keywords from job postings. So review the language in the posting again and make a list of keywords that make sense to include in your resume.

Create it in a clear format.

Beyond writing a clear resume, you also need to format it in a way that makes it easy to scan. When you do this, you should include the most relevant information front and center, as well as use bullet points and bold face in order to call out important aspects of your career background. Also, make sure to include enough white space so your resume doesn’t look cramped.

Include the right contact information.

On your resume, you don’t necessarily need to include your mailing address any longer since most communications happen via email. Therefore, simply include your phone and email address, as well as a relevant LinkedIn URL where hiring managers can learn more about you.

When you follow the tips above, not only will you make the task of reading your resume easier for hiring managers, but you’ll also increase your odds of getting a call for an interview.

Need more help finding your next job?

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4 Simple Tips for Writing a Cover Letter That Will Help You Get Hired

June 11th, 2019

When it comes to the job search process, one of the most challenging aspects for many candidates is writing a cover letter. What do you say and what should you avoid? How long should it be? And what are the best ways to get noticed and stand out? As one of the leading employment firms in Spokane, WA, Provisional has the answers you need. To help you craft a stronger cover letter, here are some tips to keep in mind:

Write one letter, then edit it for each opportunity.

You should first write a standard letter that offers you a template to follow as you’re applying to each job. However, it needs to be customized for every opportunity you apply to. Otherwise, it will sound generic to hiring managers.

To do so, make sure you focus on your key strengths that are most relevant to the position. Also, share a story about why you want to work for the company or highlight an important achievement. Whatever the case, make your letter uniquely your own.

Explain why you’re the right fit for the job.

Hiring managers are busy and don’t have a lot of time to devote to each cover letter. It’s therefore important that you connect the dots as to why you’re a great fit for the job. So don’t simply discuss your background in the cover letter. Instead, take it a step further and explain where you can contribute the most and the impact you can have on the company. Also, discuss the company’s needs and the ways you can meet them through your skills and abilities.

Include numbers and figures wherever you can.

It’s always best to back up your claims with concrete figures. This not only underscores your proven track record, but it also makes you more memorable in the process. That’s especially important when you consider that hiring managers get hundreds of applications for each job posted.

Don’t forget the basics.

If you’re copying and pasting from a previous letter, it can be easy to forget to change the name of the company or the hiring manager. That’s why it’s critically important to check the accuracy of these and other areas before you submit your application. It’s also important to proofread it several times prior to applying to ensure there aren’t any spelling mistakes or errors with grammar.

Need more help writing your cover letter?

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Do You Know How to Ask Your Boss For a Promotion?

May 28th, 2019

You know you deserve a promotion. But asking for one is stressful, plain and simple. What’s the best way to approach the conversation – and cut down on your anxiety in the process – all for the best possible outcome? Here are some tips to help you:

Prep thoroughly.

You can’t just walk into your boss’ office, ask for a promotion, and expect a positive response. Instead, you need to make your case for why you deserve it. This requires you to do some prep work first.

For instance, make a list of all your recent contributions and the impact they’ve had on the company or the team, quantifying them wherever possible. You have to show that you’re doing more than just your job; you’re an invaluable member of the team. Also, discuss the position you want, why you’re ready for the role, and how your skills and experience are a good match for it.

Time your conversation.

For a conversation of this caliber, don’t just pop into your boss’ office unannounced. Instead, schedule a formal meeting, letting them know ahead of time you want to talk about performance.

Also, be strategic about your approach. For instance, if you know your boss is bogged down and stressed by the end of the day, schedule a meeting for the morning. In addition, if you have a performance review coming up, then that offers an ideal opportunity to discuss your career ambitions.

Know your worth.

Part of the preparation process should also include doing some digging on the salary for positions similar to the one you want. This might not come up during your initial conversation, but if it does, you want to be prepared with facts and firm numbers.

Don’t get defensive.

If your boss turns you down, don’t get emotional or defensive. Instead, ask why and what you need to do to earn a promotion in the near future. There could be certain skills that are vital to the job that you simply haven’t developed. But when you find out these details, you can create a plan of action for acquiring the knowledge and abilities you need to get promoted soon.

Ready to get promoted to a new job with a new employer?

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Are You Making These Career Mistakes?

May 14th, 2019

Want to get ahead in your career? You know you need to show up on time, perform well, and avoid being the office gossip. These are a given. But did you know there are some less obvious things you could be doing that could actually be hurting your career? Here’s a look at a few common career mistakes, so you can avoid them:

Not asking your boss for feedback.

Most employees simply wait until their annual review to get feedback from their bosses. However, if you take a more proactive approach, and ask for it throughout the year, you’ll find out what you’re doing right and areas that need improvement sooner. While asking for feedback might be difficult, it can have a big impact in a positive way on your future career growth.

Staying in your comfort zone.

When you’ve been in your job for a long time, and know it inside and out, it’s easy to coast. However, when you do, you won’t be learning and growing. Even if you plan to stay in your current position for the foreseeable future, it’s still important to acquire different skills, learn new information and stay on top of industry news.

Being afraid to take a risk.

You might be afraid to fail, however, what’s worse is when you don’t take a risk and your career remains stagnant as a result. Don’t let fear of change or of making a mistake hold you back. Even if those things do happen, you’ll learn from them.

Avoiding networking.

You might think that just because you’re not looking for a new job that you don’t need to network. But networking can play an important part in career growth too. You can turn to your contacts when you need advice, support, resources and help. Likewise, you can position yourself as an industry expert when you’re able to offer guidance to others, as well. It’s therefore important to invest time and effort into regular networking.

Looking for a new job to advance your career in?

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How to Turn Temporary Employment into a Full-Time Job

April 23rd, 2019

You’ve been on plenty of temporary assignments in the past. But this particular role or employer is an especially good fit for you. You want to stay on longer, but how do you initiate a conversation and either get your assignment extended, or turn it into a full-time job?

Follow these 4 easy tips from Provisional – one of Spokane’s top temporary employment agencies – for help:

1. Focus on the basics.

Before you even ask about the possibility of extending temporary employment into a more permanent work opportunity, it’s critical you’re meeting a few basic requirements first. For instance, make sure you’re:

  • Showing up on time and are well-prepared for the day ahead;
  • 100% reliable in the work you’re doing;
  • Displaying a positive attitude and enthusiasm; and
  • Going the extra mile to be a valuable contributor to the team.

If you’re not already following these steps, you won’t be considered for a full-time opportunity.

2. Build relationships.

If you are looking to turn temporary employment into full-time work, existing employees can help you achieve that goal. When you develop positive relationships with them, they can serve as a referral source and also offer go to bat for you when you ask for that more permanent role.

Beyond that, even if you’re not able to get a full-time job now, they can be a great source of insight on what to do to get hired in the future and about any potential opportunities that open up down the line.

3. Be direct.

If you’ve been hard at work for a company and know you’re a good fit for their needs, be direct about the situation. If you’re working through one of Spokane’s temporary employment agencies, then bring up the possibility of a full-time job with your recruiter. If you’re not, then talk directly to your manager at the company.

Whomever you have the conversation with, simply be upfront about the situation and that you’d like to turn the job into a more regular position. Ask whether that’s a possibility and what you’d need to do to achieve that goal.

4. Be patient, not pushy.

You’ve planted the seed and expressed your interest. If there aren’t an opportunities immediately available, it’s important to be patient. You might get restless, however don’t let it show. You don’t want to come across as too pushy or aggressive, which can sabotage your efforts to get hired.

There’s never any guarantee that you can turn temporary employment into full-time work or extend an assignment. However, by following the tips above and becoming an invaluable contributor, you can certainly improve your odds.

Looking for work on a temporary or temp-to-hire basis?

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4 Simple Tips for Finding the Right Seasonal Job

April 9th, 2019

Looking for seasonal work when the weather heats up? Don’t wait much longer. Now’s the time that employers in and around Spokane are seeking out qualified candidates for temporary jobs. So how can you go about finding one that’s best-suited for you? Here are 4 simple tips to help you:

Tip #1: Start now.

You might think that summer is still a way’s off and that you have plenty of time. However, there’s a lot that goes into the hiring process, which is why most employers are gearing up to hire for their summer season now. They want to ensure they have the time necessary to source qualified candidates, screen them, and train them properly. So if you’re interested in temporary jobs in Spokane, then get started with your search now.

Tip #2: Narrow your search.

If you’re applying to all different jobs, in many different industries, the process can be overwhelming. Instead, narrow your search and focus on a few key roles and fields that truly interest you. Not only will you be able to spend more time on researching possibilities and tailoring your application materials to each position, but once you do get a job, it will be one that’s a better fit for you.

Tip #3: Ask around.

Referrals are a great source of job possibilities. So ask your network of friends, family and other contacts whether their employers are hiring, or if they’ve heard of any potential seasonal openings. You’ll find a good source of temporary job leads faster. In addition, if there is an opening, you can ask your contact for a recommendation, which will improve your odds of landing a position.

Tip #4: Be flexible.

When summer arrives, you might want to keep plenty of time in your schedule for picnics and pool parties. However, if you want to snag the best temporary job in Spokane, you need to be flexible for employers. They’ll likely have fluctuations in terms of work demands and scheduling and therefore need you to adapt quickly. Not only that, but being able to tell a potential employer that you’re flexible and can come in as needed will make you more marketable during your search.

Finding seasonal work is just like any other search. Employers want to hire qualified people, so it’s important to approach the process in the same way you would if you were looking for full-time work. If you’d like help with it, turn to the team at Provisional. We can connect you with top temporary jobs in Spokane with leading employers in a variety of fields. Find out more today by contacting us.

Want to Find a Job You’ll Love? Here’s How

March 26th, 2019

For most people, they spend more time at work than with their families. It’s a sad reality. However, as a result, you want to ensure you’re going to a place each day that you really love…one that provides a rewarding experience and the balance you’re looking for. If you’re not currently in that kind of position, but are looking for it, here are some tips to help you get there:

Take a step back.

When it comes to figuring out your next step in your career, take some time to reflect. You don’t want to jump into a job search without total clarity. So think about your current position, what you like and don’t like about it, and where you want to head next. It could be on a similar path or into a whole new direction.

Be realistic.

You might be interested in pursuing the next step up in your career. But are you ready to do so? It’s important that you have the right background and experience that qualify you for the kind of job you’re looking for. If you don’t, then you’re simply setting yourself up for disappointment. Rather, take the time to acquire the skills, whether it’s through an online class, an accreditation course, or other continuing education opportunities.

Put different job search tools to use.

Don’t simply search online, on the major job boards, for your next opportunity. Instead, use a diverse mix of techniques to get the most from your approach. For instance, make sure you’re networking, both in person and online, whether it’s through a business organization or your alumni association. Also, look to industry-related and company career websites for job postings.

Connect the dots for hiring managers.

The more relevant your cover letter and resume, the more likely you’ll get called for an interview. That’s why investing the time and effort to make the case for why you’re the right fit is so important. In addition, hiring managers only spend a few seconds scanning each resume. So when you make it easy for them to see that you’re a match, then you’re going to make a better impression.

Focus on companies where you want to work.

Perhaps there are a few companies in the area that area that you’re passionate about and want to work at. Even if they don’t currently have the kinds of openings that are a fit for you, set up Google Alerts so you can stay on the lookout. Additionally, you can even send in a cold email inquiring about upcoming opportunities.

Finding a job you love isn’t always easy. However, once you do, it will be well worth the time and effort you invested in the process. If you’d like professional help in your search, contact the team at Provisional. As one of Spokane’s top employment agencies, we can connect you with rewarding opportunities with the area’s leading companies. Contact us today or search our jobs in Spokane now.

Are You Letting These 4 Common Resume Mistakes Sabotage Your Job Search?

March 19th, 2019

As one of the top employment agencies in Spokane, WA, Provisional knows that hiring managers across the area receive dozens of resumes each day. They scan them quickly and are trained to be on the lookout for red flags. So whether yours is filled with them – or you only have one or two – they can take you out of the running for the job quickly, sabotaging your hard work.

To ensure that doesn’t happen to you, here’s a look at a few common mistakes and how to avoid them:

#1: Poor writing and spelling errors.

Ultimately, your resume needs to be professional. So if grammar is sloppy and your writing is full of typos, hiring managers won’t give the document a second glance. If this isn’t your strong suit, then make sure you ask a friend or family member to proofread your resume carefully for you.

#2: Exaggerated language.

Dynamic problem solver. Visionary leader. Strategic thinker. It all might be true. But when you call yourself these names, you’ll quickly turn off hiring managers. Instead, lose the clichés and focus instead on supporting your claims with specific examples. For instance, rather than saying you’re a “problem solver,” talk about a problem you solved and its successful outcome.

#3: A disorganized format.

Your resume needs to be well organized so hiring managers can quickly get a sense whether you’re a good fit. If, however, it doesn’t follow a clear structure and make the case for why you’re qualified for a particular role, then the hiring manager will move onto the next candidate. Rather, make it easy for them to connect the dots by following a traditional reverse chronological format and promoting those strengths and abilities most pertinent to the job.

#4: Unexplained gaps.

Career gaps are common. However, if you don’t explain yours, then a hiring manager will assume the worst. They’ll think you’re hiding something or are a hiring mistake waiting to happen. If you have any in your background, make sure you use your cover letter to explain them. Do so in a way where you’re focusing on the positive and what you learned from the experience.

Recruiters and hiring managers can spot mistakes and warning signs quickly on resumes. Make sure yours doesn’t include the ones above and set yourself up for more success in your search.

Do you want more professional help and advice on finding your next job?

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