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How to Navigate Your New Employees’ First Week on the Job

October 15th, 2019

You found that great new hire. Your work is done, right? Actually, it’s just starting. In order to get them up and running and keep them engaged, you’ve got to take the right approach with your training and onboarding process. Here are a few tips for doing that and setting new workers up for more success down the line:

Assign them a buddy.

This should be someone they can shadow and turn to for questions and advice, essentially showing them the ropes so they get more confident and comfortable, faster. The buddy should be assigned to them from the start and should send them a welcome email with their contact information.

Set up their space.

There’s nothing more disappointing for a new employee than when they arrive on the job that first day and their employer isn’t ready for them. They’ll start to question whether they made the right move accepting the offer. Instead, make sure their workspace is fully set up and they have access to email and a phone line. Populate the employee’s contact list so they have easy access to important co-workers. Also make sure they have a company directory with names and contact information. 

Schedule meet and greets and feel-good activities.

During that first week on the job, schedule several meet and greets with key players that your new employee will be working with. This can include colleagues, as well as higher ups within the company. But this will give them a good foundation on which to start building important relationships in the company, as well as help them to feel more comfortable. 

In addition to these, consider taking your new employee out for lunch on that first day and host a happy hour in their honor during that first week. This again will help them get engaged with the entire group, so they adapt faster.

Communicate goals and expectations.

It’s critically important that your new hire knows what goals and expectations you have for them during that first month, six months and year. Talk to them about what successful performance looks like, what it means for the company and the customer, and leave the door open for them to communicate their own insight and ideas about doing the job. This will ensure they’re clear about what you need, but will also help them feel like they’re contributing in a meaningful way, as well. 

Touch base regularly.

During that first week, spend a few minutes at the end of each day touching base with your new team member. Make sure you address their questions and concerns. This will help to avoid any mistakes or issues early on, as well as show the new hire that you truly care about how they’re settling in.

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