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4 Scary Phone Interview Mistakes Companies Make

October 29th, 2019

Phone interviews are a great way to get to know candidates without investing a lot of time into the process. You should walk away from one with a clearer sense as to whether a particular individual is a good fit for the job. If, however, you make some of the following common mistakes, you won’t get the most of the opportunity and instead could wind up regretting your hiring decision. Here’s a look at 4 to avoid:

Mistake #1: Lack of preparation.

Just because this is a phone interview, not an in-person one, doesn’t mean you can or should wing it. This will get you in trouble because you won’t ask the most insightful questions or be able to thoroughly assess each candidate. It’s therefore important to take some time before the screening to identify the exact traits and qualifications you’re looking for, as well as learning as much as you can about each applicant.

Mistake #2: Conducting it in a place that’s too noisy.

If your desk is in the middle of an open office environment or you work in a warehouse environment, then it’s going to be tough to concentrate on what a candidate is saying to you. You’ll have a hard time focusing and could potentially miss out on some red flags or important points. Instead, make sure you’re in a quiet place where you can offer 100% of your attention.

Mistake #3: Checking your phone or answering texts.

Get rid of any distractions during a phone interview. This means ignoring calls and texts, and fighting the urge to check Facebook while you’re on the call. Hiring a new employee is a critical decision and you want to ensure you give every candidate your complete focus.

Mistake #4: Talking too much or not enough.

Keep in mind that a phone interview is a conversation. You shouldn’t be doing all the talking; nor should you expect the candidate to keep the conversation going. Instead, it should be more balanced with both you and the candidate talking in approximately equal amounts. You should be giving the candidate a good deal of background information about the job, while also carefully listening to the interview question responses.

Another topic to be sure to cover in the phone interview is next steps. Make sure you inform the candidate about what to expect and when, so there aren’t any surprises.

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Why You’re Failing in Your Phone Interviews

March 26th, 2013

In today’s world, many employers tend to conduct phone interviews before inviting a candidate in for a face-to-face interview. It’s really a win-win situation because both you and the employer get a chance to feel each other out without wasting a lot of time if it’s not a good match.

That said, some candidates have it in their minds that a phone interview is no biggie; that it’s just not as important as the real deal face to face one. But, as one of the leading staffing firms in Spokane, Washington, Provisional is here to tell you that it is. In fact, you won’t move forward in the interview process if you don’t ace the phone screen.

So now that you understand the importance of a phone interview, what are some mistakes you could be making during yours that could push you out of the running? Here’s a look:

Mistake #1: Eating during the interview.

Just because a hiring manager can’t see you does not mean they can’t hear you. And the sound of chewing in their ear is going to get annoying pretty fast. It’s ok to keep a glass of water nearby in case your throat gets dry, but avoid all other food and beverages during a phone interview.

Mistake #2: Putting the hiring manager on hold.

If you’re in the middle of an interview and you hear your call waiting click, ignore it (unless it’s an emergency, of course). If you don’t, you’re sending the message that you don’t really take the interview that seriously and you might not take the job seriously either.

Mistake #3: Talking to a hiring manager while driving.

If a hiring manager calls you while you’re driving, even if you’re using your hands free device, tell them it’s not a good time and schedule a time to talk later. The last thing you want to do is break up or drop the call while you’re driving. So if possible, use a landline. That way you avoid the whole “dropped call” scenario altogether.

Mistake #4: Chattering mindlessly during a pause in conversation.

You can’t see it because you’re on the phone, but the hiring manager is likely taking notes during the interview. So if there’s a pause, it’s probably because they’re just finishing writing something down. There’s no need to fill the silence with mindless chatter.

Mistake #5: Conducting the phone interview at home with your children in the same room.

Make sure you have a time set aside for your phone interview when you can be alone and give the hiring manager 100% of your attention. You might think it’s ok if the kids are home, but you’ll be distracted as a result…and that will come through during the interview.

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