Can a Recruiting Manager Help Me Find More Qualified Employees?

The past two years have been challenging for employers in every way – especially when it comes to staffing and hiring. Today, there’s a worker shortage hitting every industry and field, making competition for the best candidates fierce. The good news is that there is one simple way you can hire the professionals you need: with the help of a recruiter.

A recruiter can play an integral role in your company. While you focus on other business priorities, they can hit the ground running, using their skills, expertise, and vast network to source strong candidates for you.

In addition, they’ll also screen and vet applicants, so the short list you get is pre-qualified. You can say good-bye to the hours of skimming resumes, conducting phone interviews, and vetting candidate referrals. You recruiter can handle all this and more, including background checks, so you simply conduct the final interview and make a hiring decision.

What are some other ways a recruiter can benefit your company?

When you develop a relationship with a recruiter, they will get to know your company, its culture and its hiring needs. They will also gain a comprehensive understanding of the positions you are seeking to fill, as well as your company’s goals and expectations. This helps them target the right candidates and screen them more effectively, all so you get the best new hires.

Not only can a recruiter help you with today’s hiring needs, but they can develop and manage a strategic staffing plan that ensures you’re always optimally staffed. Thanks to their network of both passive and active candidates, they can fill future needs quickly, and will stay on top of job boards, social media profiles, and other job-related platforms, so you don’t have to. You can simply reap the benefits of their work when you do need to hire, making the process easier, faster, and less costly in the long run.

What should you look for in a recruiter?

If you are interested in hiring a recruiter, it’s important to find the right one for your company to make the most of the relationship. While there are many common skills across recruiters, there are also those who specialize in certain industries or specific roles. To find the one that checks the right boxes for you, evaluate areas, such as:

  • Industry expertise. Each industry has its own unique nuances. When a recruiter has experience working in yours, they can be more successful in helping you fill job openings. They will also have deeper ties and connections within the industry, so they can source better-fit candidates, faster.
  • Services provided. Some recruiters offer a range of services – filling everything from temporary jobs to full-time roles – while others focus on a few specific ones, like direct hire for leadership-level positions. Look for the recruiters that can meet your specific hiring needs.
  • Scope of candidates. A reputable recruiter will have cultivated a vast pipeline of candidates through a range of networking efforts. They will also stay in contact with the professionals they’ve placed in the past, giving you access to a wide range of vetted candidates.

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