How to Stop Being Ignored When Applying for Work in Spokane

With a talent shortage among employers across Spokane and the Northwest, you should have an easy time finding work. What if, though, you’re not hearing back from potential employers? There could be a few reasons. First, despite issues with hiring, there are certain jobs that will have more competition than others. If you’re applying to […]

The Key to Ending a Frustrating Conversation Gracefully…and Without Conflict

Nobody likes having difficult conversations. They’re awkward, stressful, and can lead to negative consequences in the future. Whether you have a co-worker or boss you don’t get along with, or a demanding job that requires conflict resolution, how can you end a tough conversation in a way that doesn’t burn bridges? First, you need to […]

Why You Should Start Looking for a Job NOW if You Really Want One This Fall

Know you want a new job, just not right this second? You should still start the process now for many reasons. This includes: It takes time to find a new job. There are many aspects to a job search that require time and effort. These include writing your resume, crafting a cover letter, polishing your […]

Are You Setting Yourself Up for Success in Your First Interview?

Interviewing for a new job in Spokane is a nerve-wracking experience. You’re never quite sure what the interviewer will want to know about you and you want to make the best impression possible. At the same time, you need to ask insightful questions that will help you learn all you can about the opportunity, so […]

Common Qualities of Individuals Who Consistently Get Ahead at Work

Want to get ahead in your career? It requires more than just performing your daily tasks. Those who get ahead know they also have to add value by taking initiative, solving problems, and thinking strategically. Here’s a look at a few common qualities movers and shakers have and how you can put them to use […]

Laid Off Because of the Pandemic? Here’s How to Address it in an Interview

This has been a season filled with the unexpected. If one of them for you was a job loss, you’re not alone. Unemployment hit record highs during the course of the COVID-19 pandemic. Now, as the global crisis is waning and more companies are hiring, you have to explain why you were laid off. Don’t […]

How to Reframe Your Day When You’re Not Feeling Productive or Motivated

It’s been a challenging year and many are fatigued from it. However, you still have a lot to get done. If you’re lacking motivation, how do you tackle your to-do list, so you stay productive? It starts with reframing your day. Here are some steps to help you get there: Identify the root cause. So […]

Three Reasons Every Job Seeker Should Partner with a Recruiter

Job searches are complicated. There are so many steps, from updating your resume and LinkedIn profile to identifying job leads, applying, interviewing and more. Do you ever wish you had someone to guide you through the process? With a recruiter, you do. In fact, a Northwest recruiter can help you every step of the way […]

Exploring Career Options with Temp Job Agencies

This past year has been a difficult one for many people. For some, they’ve been working from home since March of 2019. For others, they’ve lost their jobs and are on the search for a new opportunity. And still others have realized their career path wasn’t making them happy and a change was in order. […]

The Top 5 Types of Accounting Jobs Recruitment Firms Are Filling in 2021

Whether you’re looking for a job in accounting or hiring for a position in the field, you know it’s a role that takes more than just the ability to crunch numbers. Good accountants are also honest, dependable, organized, and strong communicators, both verbally and in writing. If this sounds like the job you want or […]