Do Job Seekers Need to Work With a Recruiter? Or On Their Own?

If you’re looking for a new job, you might be asking this very question. Between social media and online job boards, conducting a job search is easier than ever. However, there are still some valuable benefits a professional recruiter can offer you. These include:

Access to the hidden job market.

Many companies use recruiters to fill job openings without ever advertising them. The recruiter taps their own pipeline of talented candidates. If you don’t work with a recruiter, you won’t have access to these hidden opportunities.

On top of that, recruiters spend a lot of time networking with employers and hiring managers. When you use a recruiter, your access to job openings will therefore expand exponentially.

Insider information on companies.

When you’re interested in a particular opportunity, it’s tricky to know what the culture and role is really like. However, when you work with a recruiter, they can offer you inside information you can’t get on your own. This will help you determine whether a position and an organization are truly a good fit for you.

Guidance throughout your search.

If you’re applying for jobs, but not getting calls for interviews, you might be wondering why. A recruiter can take a look at your resume, assess your interview skills, and evaluate the jobs you’re applying to. They can give you tips and advice on strengthening your resume, interview skills, portfolio and application documents, as well as which positions are a good match for you. You’ll be able to find a new job that’s a great fit with a helping hand from the experts.

A faster job search.

If you’re spending endless hours on job boards, searching for the right position, it can eat up a lot of time in your life. You can avoid this all when you work with a recruiter, since they’ll be the ones connecting you with the opportunities. You can still search on your own, however, you’ll have a professional who’s getting your resume in front of hiring managers, advocating for you, and helping you find a new job more easily.

A long-term relationship.

When you find a job through a recruiter, you’ll still remain in their network. Down the line, if an exciting opportunity comes up they think you’re a fit for, they will reach out to inquire about whether you’re interested. By staying on their radar, they can help you advance your career and meet your goals.

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