Do Staffing Firms Really Have Jobs Not Listed Online?

There are a wide range of job openings posted online. However, did you also know there’s a hidden job market with positions that aren’t advertised? It’s true that working with a staffing firm in the Spokane area can give you access to these opportunities that aren’t promoted in places like online job boards and through social media. Here’s why.

Employers use staffing firms to handle recruiting.

When a company partners with a staffing firm to meet their hiring needs, the recruiter might then tap their network of active and passive candidates. This means they don’t necessarily advertise the position. You therefore won’t know about it unless you have a relationship with a recruiter. If you do, they can keep you informed about these opportunities, advertised and hidden, so you can find the best-fit one for you.

Staffing firms will advocate for you.

If an opening comes up with an employer and your recruiter thinks you’re the right fit, they’ll go to bat for you. Not only will they get your resume in front of the employer, but also advocate for you, your background and strengths, so you’re more likely to get an interview. This can mean the difference between landing your dream job or not.

Staffing firms only connect you with the right fit jobs.

When you’re working with a recruiter, they don’t simply aim to fill empty seats. They want to find the ideal match between candidates and clients. It’s why they won’t submit your resume to just any job, but only those that you are truly well suited for.

A staffing firm can give you insider information.

Besides offering you opportunities that aren’t publicly advertised, a staffing firm can also provide you with an inside look into what a company is really like to work for. This means you can ask more insightful questions during the job interview, as well as better prepare your responses. You can’t get that level of information with online job postings. This all improves your chances of finding a new opportunity that’s the best match for you.

Ready to work with a staffing firm to find hidden jobs in and around Spokane?

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