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To ensure the highest quality employees, Provisional partners with several strategic companies to offer a full range of employment screening solutions.


Skills Testing

Provisional has partnered with Kenexa PROVEIT! - the staffing industry's most powerful skills testing system. PROVEIT! features over 600 validated assessments for clerical, software, call-center, financial, healthcare, industrial, legal and technical job classifications. Please visit our PROVEIT! website for a look:  We offer complimentary testing to our valued clients - please ask your Provisional representative for details!


Behavioral Assessments

Provisional has partnered with Kenexa to provide the leading behavior assessments in the marketplace. Kenexa Selector behavioral profiling tool combines personality, experience, situational judgement, and problem-solving assessments to provide accurate performance predictions for hourly, sales and managerial positions. Kenexa Selector is used to significantly improve individual performance and retention, by selecting the high potential candidates best suited for the daily requirements of the job. Please ask your Provisional representative for details!


Background Checks and Drug Screening

To assure that our clients receive the very best Provisional temporary employees and direct-hire candidates in an efficient manner, Provisional partners with A Drug Free America, Pinnacle and Red & Associates to conduct extensive pre-employment screening. Provisional's pre-screening may include:


Please ask your Provisional representative for details!