Job Seeker FAQs

Why choose Provisional?

There are many employment services to choose from, and Provisional strives to be your best option. First, we are locally owned and operated. No recruiting and staffing services better understands the local job market. Second, we offer specialized staffing divisions to better fit your industry background. This allows Accountingpros Recruiting Managers to understand your special skill requirements and place you with companies that meet your career goals. Lastly, our first priority is to keep you as a client for life, and as a client, we treat you with the respect you deserve. Satisfying your needs is just as important as satisfying the needs of the companies that pay us for our services.

What does Provisional cost me?

Absolutely nothing – our services are completely free to job seekers. Fees are paid to us by our client companies.


If companies have to pay Provisional, then could I make more money without your services?

No, fees that are paid to Provisional do not come out of your paycheck. Fees are paid towards the costs that employers face when hiring. These costs include: Screening Resumes, Interviewing Candidates, Background Checks, Drug Screening, Workers Compensation Insurance, and State& Federal taxes. It actually costs anywhere from $3,000 to $10,000 to hire a new employee. Companies turn to Provisional because we save them time and money.


How can I benefit from temporary work when I want a permanent job?

Becoming a Provisional contract employee yields may benefits to the permanent job seeker. First, accepting a contract position while you are searching for a permanent job will allow you to make money, improve your skills and make valuable contacts in the business world. Many hiring authorities desire candidates who are presently performing in an office environment. Second, a growing number of companies are hiring contract workers for full-time, direct-hire positions. Lastly, there are many people who discover that the flexibility and diversity of contract work is an extremely attractive alternative to permanent work.


How will my unemployment benefits be affected if I accept a temporary job?

If your unemployment benefit is greater than your weekly earnings on a contract job, then working the contract job extends your benefits an additional week. Contact Washington State Employment Security or the Idaho Department of Labor for up-to-date details.


How do I get paid?

Provisional contract employees are paid weekly. If you are placed on a direct-hire job, you get your paychecks and benefits directly from your new employer company.


I am interested in your employment services. What is my next step?

You can begin right now – the choice is yours. Simply create a profile and start applying to jobs. Feel free to give Provisional a call to check on your application form. You can work with us in whatever way that is best for you. No matter how you get in touch with us, we look forward to meeting you and assisting you in your career search.


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