Five Questions You Should Ask Every Reference When Hiring This Summer

Hiring during summer can often happen in haste. However, don’t skip the all-important step of checking references. When you do, you’ll be able to uncover any discrepancies or warning signs that help you avoid a hiring mistake. At the same time, checking references can give you peace of mind when it comes time to hire, so you can extend an offer to the right candidate.

So what questions should you ask before you hire? Here’s a look at five:

#1: Can you verify the candidate’s job title and employment history?

If these don’t match what the candidate told you, then there’s a problem. The candidate is likely lying, which is a big warning sign if you’re thinking about hiring them. Instead, make sure the employer’s facts align with what the candidate told you, even in the most basic of areas.

#2: How long did you work with the candidate?

This will give you some context in terms of how well the reference knows the candidate. For instance, if they only worked with them for a few months, then they might not be able to offer you the insight you’re looking for. However, if they worked with the candidate for five years, then you can expect the details they’re providing you with are accurate and will help you to discern whether the candidate is the right fit for you.

#3: Would you hire the candidate again?

When asking this question, don’t simply listen to what the reference says when they respond. Also listen to how they say it. For instance, if there’s a big pause before they answer your question, then it could be a sign that they would not, in fact, rehire the candidate. However, if they’re enthusiastically talking about how much they miss the candidate and what a hard worker they were, you can rest assured you’re making a wise hiring decision should you choose to extend the offer.

#4: What are the candidate’s biggest strengths and weaknesses?

By asking this question, you’ll be able to see if what the candidate told you checks out with how others perceive them. In addition, you’ll be to ensure their skills and abilities are a good match for the position and that a weakness isn’t a deal breaker.

#5: What was it like to work with this candidate?

This will give you a general sense of whether the individual is a good fit for your culture. If they have an extroverted, collaborative team spirit, and your position needs someone with these traits, then you’ll gain peace of mind knowing they’ll likely be successful in the role. Overall, the more details you can find out about their skills, work ethic and attitude, the better hiring decision you’ll make.

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