How Has the Pandemic Changed Hiring? What You Should Know in 2021

Hiring was evolving quickly even during pre-pandemic times due the technological revolution. However, the COVID-19 pandemic certainly accelerated the move to remote working, recruiting and hiring far faster than expected. Now that the virus is on the downward trend, what will hiring look like in the year ahead? What challenges will your company face and what are opportunities are there to improve your hiring process, post-pandemic? Here’s what to know:

Remote hiring is here to stay.

When it comes to remote interviews, they offer plenty of benefits, including a far faster recruitment process. You can interview and assess more candidates in less time and also manage your daily schedule more effectively without any wasted time in between. More so than traditional phone screens, you can also get a better sense of which candidates are a good fit to move to the next step in the hiring process. It’s more efficient and a win for both candidates and employers.

You can recruit more diverse talent.

With remote hiring and virtual working, you can tap the talent market beyond Spokane to all over the country or even the globe. You’re not longer limited by geography, but instead can find those with the skills and abilities you need, hire them virtually, and employ them remotely. This will help you create a more diversified workforce, which will lend itself to your company’s creativity, innovation and competitive edge.

Relationships still matter.

Despite all this technology and remote working and hiring during COVID-19, relationships are at the core of good business practices. It’s why focusing on them is critical, even with virtual interviews, Zoom meetings, and different hiring practices than what’s traditionally been the norm.

Make sure you’re reaching out to candidates regularly via email, phone or text, keeping them in the loop about progress. Also, make the application and interview process as convenient and seamless as possible for each candidate. Whether you hire them or not, you want to provide a great candidate experience.

Looking for help hiring post-pandemic, in the year ahead?

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