How Morning Journaling Can Improve Your Mental Health

Morning might be a hectic time of day for you. However, if you wake up just a few minutes earlier and spend a little time journaling, you can improve your mental health in a range of ways. In fact, studies show that journaling can:

  • Reduce anxiety. When you get your fears and feelings out of your head and onto paper, you can reduce mental stress drastically.
  • Regulate emotions. When you do open up on paper and get your feelings out, you can better control your emotions, even when you’re in stressful situations.
  • Cuts down on brooding. If something upsetting happened, or you’re going through a difficult time, writing about it can help with healing.
  • Improve self-awareness. When you write down your emotions, you can actually make connections and start to understand more about yourself, giving you more perspective.

Journaling offers a range of advantages and can improve your mood, your work and your life. To help benefit from it, here are some thought starters for inspiration.

Write about what’s bothering you.

Is there a situation in your life or at work that’s eating you up inside? Write about it. Put everything on paper from the facts to your feelings, worries, ideas and random thoughts.

Write about what you’re grateful for.

Did something good happen to you recently? Are you thankful for your job, family, friends, or health? Write about whatever it is you’re feeling grateful for at the moment. Try to get as specific as possible, so you can make the most of your journaling time.

Write about your wins and setbacks.

Did you just experience a win at work or in your life? What about a mistake or failure? Whatever the situation, write about it. Take time to think about what you achieved and how it makes you feel, or the mistake that was made and what you’d do different next time.

Write about lessons learned.

Did you learn an important lesson at work? Or see something that inspired you on TV, read it in a book, or learn about it on the news? Whether it impacts your work, your life, your health or your perspective, write about the lessons you learned.

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