How to Differentiate Your Organization to Help Drive an Influx of Applicants This Fall

With some workers still fearful about returning to work and more jobs opening up each day, businesses are struggling to find their stride as the pandemic wanes. Due to this climate, competition is fierce for top professionals. This all means one simple thing: you need to stand out to get noticed and find the best-fit people for your needs.

To do that, you must differentiate yourself in a few ways. These include by:

Creating a strong online presence.

This is more important than ever as candidates use social media as a tool to research potential employers. If they don’t like what they see, you could lose out on the smartest applicants and wind up with mediocre ones instead. In fact, according to a LinkedIn survey, 75% of candidates research a company first, before applying to an opening. This means your online presence must be innovative, polished and enticing to the best candidates.

Promoting what makes you unique.

Many companies discuss their needs and requirements when searching for candidates. However, in this tight hiring climate, it’s importent to promote what makes you unique, special, and attractive as an employer. Identify a few key points and perks to include in your job postings. Also, make sure you’re ready to answer questions during candidate interviews about what makes your company different as an employer.

Improving the candidate experience.

Many candidates get frustrated with a hiring process that includes cumbersome online applications and no communication after they apply or interview. Stand out with a better candidate experience. Make the process clear and simple, with routine communications the norm. If you decide against hiring an applicant, let them know immediately, so they can move onto other opportunities.

Being authentic and transparent.

Most of all, candidates want honest answers and straightforward hiring process. They don’t want to play games or have to sit around and wait for weeks after they apply or interview. It’s why communication is key, as is being authentic. Candidates want to feel like they’re interacting with a real person and not the company legal department.

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