How to Help Look After the Mental Wellness of Your Employees

Mental health is always important. However, after two years in a worldwide pandemic, it’s become more vital than ever. It’s not only critical to help ensure your people are maintaining good mental health, but also to understand the signs that there’s an issue. Here’s what to know to help your employees.

Signs of Mental Health Problems

In a typical year, one in five U.S. adults experience an issue with mental health. Yet, only one in three will get the help they need. This means people are suffering from mental health problems, many of whom aren’t able to access the resources to cope.

Some of the signs to look for that someone on your team is struggling with mental health include:

  • A decrease in productivity
  • An increase in absenteesim
  • An increase in mistakes
  • A lack of engagement or loss of motivation
  • Difficulty concentrating
  • A change in attitude or behavior, including extremely high or low moods
  • Excessive anxiety, stress, fear and worrying
  • Social withdrawal

How to Improve Mental Health in Your Workplace

If you’re seeing some or all of these signs with someone on your team, it’s important to address the issue. Even if you aren’t, you can bet that everyone on your staff could use a boost when it comes to mental health. To support your team members, make sure you:

Make mental health a part of your culture.

When you understand what good mental health looks like and how to help employees maintain, it can go a long way in keeping a productive, competitive workforce. So make sure it’s a topic that is discussed in training, onboarding and through surveying your employees. Also, remind employees of the benefits available to them through your company.

Offer mental health coverage in health plans.

Make sure that whatever health insurance plans are being offered to employees, there’s coverage for counselors, medications and whatever other resources they need. You can also provide a health savings account (HSA) for your staff that helps them offset co-pays and costs for counseling, addiction recovery, and other mental health-related expenses.

Promote a healthy balance.

When employees have a good work life balance, it’s easier to maintain mental health. Some ways you can do this include through allowing your staff to have as much flexibility as possible in their schedules, creating a meditation room or quiet space in your office, offer yoga classes at work or discounts for gym memberships, and encourage employees to use their vacation time. Also, if an employee is returning to work after leave, offer opportunities to help them transition more successfully, so they feel supported.

Have some fun.

When you allow time for employees to hang out, socialize or relax together, they’ll build deeper connections and stronger relationships. This can help to improve their mental health and overall sense of well-being at work.

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