How to Reduce Turnover in Employees

Every year, millions of Americans leave their jobs for greener pastures. While some turnover is normal at every company, too much of it can wreak havoc. It can impact morale, productivity, customer retention and more. So how can you retain your employees, so your team remains strong? Here’s a look:

Start during the hiring process.

When you’re hiring, keep retention in mind. Be more selective and thoughtful about how you’re approaching the process. Don’t simply hire for technical skills. Evaluate each candidate to ensure they have the personality and temperament to fit in with your company culture. Ask behavioral based questions during the interview, so you can get behind the candidate mask and find the right new hires for your company.

Invest in retention efforts to combat turnover.

If you’re not focusing on retention, then it’s going to impact your company’s bottom line in the form of more turnover. From day one, employees should get the message that you take retention and employee satisfaction seriously. This begins with a solid onboarding program that ensures new employees are welcomed and helps them get off on the right foot with proper training.

Make sure employees feel valued.

When employees work hard, yet don’t feel recognized, it impacts their happiness on the job and their loyalty to the company. It’s where praise and recognition come in. A simple “thank you” can go a long way.

In addition, when an employees goes the extra mile or reaches a critical milestone, reward them in some way. They’ll feel more motivated and appreciated, so they can continue to thrive in their role.

Focus on career development.

In addition to rewarding and recognizing employees, another important step is employee development. Make sure you’re working with each employee to understand their career goals and identify a clear path for them.

For those with leadership potential, a mentoring program is a great way to get them on track toward new, higher-level opportunities while retaining them. Internal promotions also send the message that you value and care about the success of your people.

Encourage a healthy balance.

Treat your employees like what they are: valuable assets. You want them to remain with you and it’s therefore important that you encourage a healthy work life balance to do that. If employees are feeling overworked and like just another cog in the wheel, they’re not going to want to remain with your company for long.

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