How to Stop Being Ignored When Applying for Work in Spokane

With a talent shortage among employers across Spokane and the Northwest, you should have an easy time finding work. What if, though, you’re not hearing back from potential employers?

There could be a few reasons. First, despite issues with hiring, there are certain jobs that will have more competition than others. If you’re applying to them, you might be up against more candidates than you realize.

In addition, even though an employer posted a job, they could be filling it internally. Oftentimes, companies have policies that require posting a position publicly even when they plan fill the role through a promotion.

Finally, when it comes to HR departments within companies, many have furloughed employees and even cut staff, which could lead to a lack of communication when you submit your resume. While frustrating, they simply don’t have enough resources to respond to all the candidates who have applied with their company.

Now that you know a few reasons why you’re not hearing back when applying for jobs, what are some ways to stand out? Here’s a look:


The more people who can refer you to a hiring manager or employer, the better. If you have a friend or acquaintance that works at a particular company you’re applying to, ask them to put in a good word for you. You’ll be far more likely get noticed and get a call for an interview.

Focus your search.

Don’t apply to every job that sounds good. Instead, focus on taking the time to customize your resume and cover letters, then only apply to positions that are truly the right fit for you.

When you do, read through the job posting and add details, including specific numbers and accomplishments, that showcase relevant strengths and persuade the hiring manager that you’re a fit for the job.

Follow up.

If there’s a particular job you really want, don’t be afraid to follow up. While there’s a fine line between pestering and reaching out, it’s appropriate to send a quick email inquiring about progress. If you follow up several times without hearing back, move on and focus your efforts on other opportunities.

Work with a recruiter.

Another simple step to getting noticed by employers is to work with a recruiter, like those at Provisional Recruiting. We have a network of companies we’ve partnered with across Spokane and the Northwest and can connect you with a range of opportunities. We can get your resume in front of hiring managers and give you access to opportunities that help you advance your career.

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