How Useful is LinkedIn Really in a Job Search?

Every job search takes a lot of time and effort. As a result, you might be wondering whether certain aspects, like LinkedIn, are really necessarily and can actually help.

The short answer: Yes!

LinkedIn can offer many important advantages to you when you’re searching for a new job. Here’s a look at a few them:

Build your professional network…then tap it in your search.

Whether you’re looking for a new job or not, LinkedIn is an ideal place to build a robust professional network. Once you’re ready to launch your search, you can tap those in your network and ask about opportunities they know about. Keep in mind: referrals are your best shot at landing an interview. Hiring managers love recommendations for candidates from trusted sources.

See connections and company employees.

On LinkedIn, you can take a look at a company LinkedIn profile and see if there’s anyone you know who works there. This is perfect if there’s an organization you really want to get your foot in the door with. You can then reach out to that person and ask about any tips they can offer and whether they’d be willing to refer you.

Another benefit? You can view second- and third-degree connections and groups. This is helpful because you can see beyond your network – to all the people your connections know. With groups, like alumni or industry ones, you can also connect with others without needing an introduction. This helps you expand your network quickly, as a result.

Create a profile that’s more detailed than your resume.

You know that hiring managers only spend a few seconds reading your resume. However, one way to stand out is to include work samples on your LinkedIn profile page and then provide a URL on your resume. This way, hiring managers can actually click the link and see the quality of your work, as well as additional skills and recommendations you have. This will serve to further illustrate why you’re a good fit for their role.

Search for jobs and set up alerts.

LinkedIn offers a “search” tool that makes it easy to find jobs advertised on the site. You can search by keyword, location or company name. You can even create customized job search alerts based on your specific criteria. This way, you’re notified as soon as an opening that fits your search terms is posted.

Reconnect with old friends, colleagues and classmates.

Another advantage LinkedIn offers is that it makes it easy to reconnect. You can simply search for a lost contact and oftentimes will be able to find them on LinkedIn. You can then see where they are now and reach out to them, further expanding your network and access to potential opportunities.

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