Improve Your Hiring Process by Partnering with an Experienced Staffing Vendor

Hiring can be tricky, especially in today’s climate with staffing shortages. How can you find the people you need in a fast, affordable way? The easiest approach is to work with a staffing agency in Spokane. When you do, you’ll have a professional partner that fills your job openings with the best-fit candidates.

A few benefits of using a staffing agency include:

#1: Reduced hiring risk.

Hiring can be risky business. A candidate might look great on paper and nail the interview, but then fall down on the job. When you work with a staffing agency instead, you can reduce this risk. Professional recruiters are highly trained in sourcing the best candidates, screening and and interviewing them carefully and thoughtfully, and even performing background checks and skills tests. This ensures the candidate you do get is a great fit from the start.

#2: Hire faster.

When you have a job opening, you need to fill it quickly. This can be a challenge with the current worker shortages. When you partner with a staffing agency in Spokane, though, they have relationships with a robust network of both active and passive candidates. They can tap this pipeline and source skilled candidates who have the right level of experience for you. They can even train them, so they’re up and running faster.

#3: Gives you more flexibility.

If demand is increasing at your company and you need to hire, temporary or temp-to-hire workers can be an excellent option. They can stay on your team for as long as you need them. Once the busy season wanes, you can release them from the assignment. You’ll have the capacity to get the work done and also the flexibility to maintain a lower overhead.

#4: Industry knowledge.

If you’re not hiring all the time, you might not know where to look for the best candidates, what salary ranges are for your industry, whether there’s a shortage for the skills you need, and other local hiring trends. With a staffing partner, though, they’ll have this knowledge and information, so they can guide you through the hiring process and fill your openings more effectively.

#5: Help when you’re short-staffed.

Is an employee going on maternity leave? Is someone out sick for an extended period of time? With a staffing agency, you can find and bring on board the skilled professionals you need for a wide range of positions. They can fill in on a short-term basis, so your company doesn’t miss a beat. Not only that, but your staffing partner will handle all the benefits, payroll, tax and employment-related paperwork.

#6: Test out an employee before making a full-time offer.

If you have a temporary worker who impresses you, you’ll be able to extend an offer for full-time employment with more confidence. With a staffing agency, you can also take advantage of their temp-to-hire services. This is where an employee is placed with you for a short-term period of time, so you can evaluate their performance before officially hiring them.

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