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Assemblers produce components by assembling parts and subassemblies based on instructions, blueprint specifications, and parts lists. Make alterations to dimensions in order to meet specifications. Keep accurate data of supply inventory and preventative maintenance on equipment.

Electrical Assembler

Electrical Assemblers use blueprints, schematics or written instructions to assemble electrical components. Duties also include fitting or soldering parts together.


Fabricators work with materials designed to create items such as automobiles, appliances, computers and electronic devices. Fabricators work mostly with metal, using welding and soldering to complete the fabrication process. Fabricators install parts, pieces and elements of the designated project, treatment and repair of metal surfaces to ensure safe usage and welding to secure fastening for pieces.

Production Labor

Production workers assemble ship, inspect and test products in manufacturing or production facilities. Their main responsibility is to process a product which includes shipping, assembling, sorting, testing and inspecting. They are expected to meet production goals and standards set by upper level management and quality control.

Quality Control

Quality Control measures products to ensure they meet a set of quality standards and requirements. They plan how often sampling is done and provided to management. They also determine ways to improve standards and ensure that products meet those standards.