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Skilled Trades

CNC Machinist

Computer Numerical Control (CNC) is a process for machining products using a computer program. The machines, typically a lathe or mill, are connected to servomotors that move the part to be machined or cut. The servomotors are controlled by a computer. The computer uses a special program called a G code or M code. The code directs the movement of the work piece and the material to be cut, in a precise way so the rotating tool can cut the work piece into a final shape. (CNC) machinists,


Drafters use software to convert the designs of engineers and architects into technical drawings and plans often using CADD software. They create and store drawings electronically into an automated manufacturing system.

Journeyman Industrial Electrician

Journeyman industrial electricians perform preventive maintenance and upgrades to wiring, conduit and electronic control systems. Industrial electricians work in small spaces and must be able to lift at least 50 pounds to perform their jobs effectively. Most states require journeyman electricians to become licensed with the state before they can legally work. The state electrical contractors licensing board regulates electrician licensing.

Maintenance Technician

Maintenance technicians repair or maintain machines, equipment, electrical, heating or air-conditioning systems. They trouble shoot all electrical problems and provide routine preventative maintenance. A maintenance technician keeps a working log of all maintenance and repairs performed on the machines. Duties include pipe fitting, insulating, boiler making, welding, machining, and repairing electrical or mechanical equipment.


Welders are skilled individuals who use welding tools to join together two different materials. Generally welders join metals such as steel, aluminum or copper together or a variety of polymers and plastics.