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Forklift operator

Forklift operators drive a truck with a hydraulic mechanism to lift and move heavy objects. They manually load and unload materials on or off pallets, perform routine checks on materials and equipment, and record product data onto tags.

Logistics Assistant

Logistics assistants handle a company’s shipping and receiving process. They ensure shelves are stocked, orders are tracked and invoices are filed in a timely and efficient manner. They bargain with manufacturing sales associates on costs.

Logistics Manager

Logistics managers manage resources, information and good between the consumer and supplier. They plan, implement, and control goods and services to meet the needs of customers. They control the flow of products within a business by managing how products are created, packaged, transported and sold to the public.

Material Handler

Material handlers process parts through a warehouse or yard. Their main duty is to load and unload materials into warehouses, trucks or storage facilities. They check materials into a facility by verifying it against invoices and ensuring it was accurately delivered. They also weigh parts to ensure the right quantity was delivered. They pick parts for shipment and package it according to shipping procedures. They operate pallet jacks and/or forklifts to move goods between shipping and receiving.

Shipping and Receiving Clerk

Shipping and Receiving Clerks handle a company’s distribution. They prepare products to be shipped or received. They ensure orders are tracked and shelves are stocked. They unload and load merchandise on to deliver trucks. They report damage claims on damaged products.

Warehouse Manager

Warehouse managers keep track of all items coming in and out of a warehouse. They are responsible for keeping a detailed record of inventory in the warehouse while purchasing the best product for the best price. They must operate within cost percentage guidelines. The warehouse manager keeps track of the loading dock and knows where the company’s fleets of vehicles are going. They hire, train, manager, and fire warehouse employees.