Is Relevant Experience Always Important When Looking to Fill a Position?

When you’re hiring, relevant experience is one of those qualifications you’re going to be on the lookout for. However, it’s not always as important as you think.

In fact, studies show that relevant experience don’t necessarily lead to successful performance on the job. According to one report by Florida State University, which analyzed 81 studies investigating the connection between past experience and future performance, there’s actually no significant correlation.

Yet, many companies require relevant experience in their job descriptions. It seems to make sense, especially since it’s a trait that is easy to screen for and assess. And yet, it does not mean that someone with relevant experience will perform better than an individual with other experience. So, with this in mind, how do you approach hiring?

Keep an open mind.

When you’re in the midst of hiring, focus on areas like transferable skills and soft skills. Transferable skills could be valuable in not only getting the work done, but also providing a fresh perspective and new ideas. In addition, if a candidate has the soft skills that will enable them to thrive at your organization, they are worth evaluating for your job.

Another reason to keep an open mind? If you hire a candidate without relevant experience, you could extend an offer that will save you on salary and benefits. You’ll get someone who can grow into their role and reach their potential, all in a way that is less costly.

On top of that, when you give a candidate without relevant experience a chance, they’ll be more eager to please. They’ll worker harder and be more motivated to make a good impression. They will go out of their way to succeed, positively impacting your bottom line as they do.

When you give someone a chance, you can get an excellent return on your investment. With the right growth potential, they might be your next company leader or star performer.

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