​Is Your Labor Force Ready for Another Year of Lockdowns?

The year 2020 is one many are glad to put behind us. The labor industry, like so many other industries, faced its share of challenges during it, from shutdowns to limited occupancy rates and more. Just consider these statistics from a recent survey conducted by the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM):

  • 78% of manufacturers expect that the pandemic will have a financial impact on their business
  • 53% of manufacturers anticipate a change in operations
  • 35.5% of manufacturers are facing supply chain disruptions

However, the year wasn’t all doom and gloom for the labor industry. In fact, thanks to consumer spending moving online in a significant way, e-commerce grew by 18% in 2020 alone. While it’s not expected to grow as much in 2021, sales are still forecasted to increase by 14.3%.

Unfortunately, for employers, they’ve had a difficult time meeting this demand. This is for several reasons. First, many workers opted to remain on unemployment for a longer period of time instead of returning to work. The industry also continues to age. For instance, in the manufacturing sector alone, nearly a quarter of the workforce is age 55 or older. The lack of new skilled workers makes industrial and warehouse staffing more difficult.

In addition, as the potential for new lockdowns or stay-at-home orders loom, there’s a lot of uncertainty. It’s why labor staffing is more complicated than ever. However, just as during “normal times,” it’s important to avoid hiring out of desperation. If you do, you could wind up with a mistake, one that costs your company time, profits, morale and even customers.

Get Help from Our Labor Staffing Agency

If you’d like help with your hiring process, giving you the flexibility to focus on other priorities, turn to Provisional Recruiting. We can work with you to assess your current workforce and find the skill gaps and needs. We can also help you make improvements in the strength of your team and hire skilled, quality workers in the Boise or Spokane area who can make a positive contribution, quickly.

Though the future is uncertain, we offer many services that will provide extra manpower, even if it’s simply for the near future. For instance, with our temporary staffing service, you can access experienced industrial or warehouse workers for a short-term period of time or specific project. This ensures you’re meeting customer goals and expectations without adding to your overhead during an unstable year.

In addition, our labor staffing experts can also establish a pipeline of workers for you that you can tap when you need it. This will give you access to skilled candidates who are ready to work and a partner to ensure you’re company is optimally staffed at all times. You can complete projects, take on new initiatives and ensure your core staff isn’t burned out, all without increasing your fixed expenses. If you’d like to learn more, simply contact us today.

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