It’s a Job Seeker’s Market in Boise, Idaho. We Can Get You Hired.

Are you looking for a new job in nursing, one that enables you to attain a higher quality of life? Provisional Recruiting can help. We work with hospitals and healthcare organizations across Boise that are experiencing a nursing shortage. They’re looking for qualified and experienced healthcare workers to help meet the surge in demand for patient care. In addition to that, they’re boosting their compensation packages to attract the top candidates.

If you’re interested in making a move to Boise, Idaho for a nursing job, here are a few perks we can offer you:

We’ll connect you with top employers.

At Provisional Recruiting, we work with hospitals, clinics, home care agencies and a range of other healthcare organizations that are among the best in the field. As a result of these relationships, we can help you get your foot in the door with them and your resume in front of the decision makers.

We’ll give you feedback on your resume and help you prepare for interviews.

Before we do that, we’ll work with you on your resume, so it’s as persuasive as possible. We’ll also provide coaching for the interview process, so you walk into the conversation with more confidence. You’ll make a better impression and increase your odds of getting hired.

We can help you negotiate the best compensation package possible.

If you are offered a position, we can help you negotiate your compensation package. This is an area many candidates have difficulties with, but at Provisional Recruiting, we know exactly how to approach the conversation. We’ll factor in your experience level and the type of position, all to ensure you negotiate the most competitive package possible.

We can offer opportunities in an area with an excellent cost of living.

The Boise area offers an excellent cost of living. If you’re coming from a large city, your paycheck might have been stretched in the past. However, in the Boise area, you can expect:

  • A city that’s one of the fastest growing in the Pacific Northwest.
  • A cost of living that’s around 4% lower than the U.S. average cost of living.
  • Plenty to do from arts and culture to sports, world class dining and more.
  • One of the safest cities in the country, located in an area that’s also surrounded by nature.
  • Great schools and educational opportunities, from pre-K through college-level.

Are you interested in a change of scenery and a change in employment?

Let Provisional Recruiting help you find a nurse or nurse practitioner job that’s an excellent match for you in Boise. We’ll learn about your background, experience and personality, all so we can match you with the best-fit position possible. Contact us today to get started or search our nursing jobs in Boise now!

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