Not Ready to Apply for a New Job? Here’s Why You Should STILL Chat with a Recruiter About Career Goals

Even if you’re not actively looking for a new job, a conversation with a recruiter pertaining to career goals is a great first step. Here are four reasons why.

#1: They can guide you.

If you’d like a promotion, or want to switch industries, they can give you insight and information into what kinds of companies are offering the opportunities you want. You can also get feedback about your skill set and strengths and whether there are areas you should develop more before looking for your next job.

For instance, if you’re looking for a step up into a leadership role, you might want to take on more responsibility at work and volunteer to lead a project. Or, perhaps, taking a project management or leadership course is a key next step. Whatever the case, with guidance from a recruiter, you’ll have relevant experience once you do start your search.

#2: They can assist with your resume and interview skills.

Before you submit your resume or head into an interview, a recruiter can work with you to polish both of these. They can ensure your resume is as relevant as possible to the kinds of positions you’re interested in. They can also help you to improve your interview skills, so you make the best impression possible.

#3: They can give you access to hidden jobs.

A recruiter can offer you more opportunities than you can find on your own. Many times, employers don’t always advertise openings and simply fill them through a recruiter. A recruiter can then give you access to them, so you can land the job that helps you achieve your ultimate career goal.

#4: They can keep you in mind.

A recruiter might not have the ideal job for you at the moment. However, they can keep you in mind for future opportunities that come across their desk. If you have a standing relationship with one, they can reach out to you first, offering opportunities you couldn’t get on your own or might not hear about right away.

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