Nurse Staffing Services

Provisional’s nurse staffing services lead in the healthcare staffing agency field, providing our clients with flexible, cost-effective staffing and recruiting solutions while ensuring nurses enjoy rewarding jobs and healthcare opportunities.

Premiere Nurse Staffing Agency

Provisional has a reputation throughout the Northwest and Washington for having the best nurses in our staffing pool. Our healthcare experts and staffing specialists recruit the most qualified nurses and have spent years as professionals in the field, giving them the necessary insight into what skills and qualities make for the best nursing candidates.

With over 20 years of experience helping healthcare facilities find the best nurse for the opportunity, our nurse staffing agency pool includes:

Smiling young female doctor standing in a hospital corridor with a diverse group of medical staff standing behind her.
A Nurse holding their patient's hand.

Nursing Jobs

Our staffing agency consists of healthcare professionals who approach staffing nursing positions in a clear and detailed manner. With years of experience in the healthcare field, they have extensive knowledge of what it takes to be successful as a nurse and deliver the best in their job and for their community.

Nurse staffing is more than just filling an open position, it’s a major investment in the quality of healthcare you can provide to your community. Our rigorous nurse recruitment process has been developed over years of working closely in hospitals, medical offices and with health insurance providers to understand the specific needs of our clients.

Quality Screening for Nurse Staffing Services

Provisional has been placing nurses in a range of positions for over twenty years. We ensure the candidates meet our standards and those of our clients, as well as the challenges of the healthcare field.

We’ve perfected the nurse staffing recruitment process with a proven method of attracting candidates who show strong skills and job experience. Our talent is ready to commit the time and days, and provide a meaningful impact on the health of their community.

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