Nursing Recruitment Do’s and Don’ts

Finding the right crop of nurses to meet your staffing needs has always been challenging. But in the day and age of COVID-19, it can feel almost impossible.

Not only are nurses in high demand, making them difficult to recruit, but they have new concerns over COVID-19 and expectations for employers that have never existed before. It’s therefore harder than ever to find and hire the nurses you need.

The good news is, with the right approach, you can locate skilled professionals for your job openings. The first step is knowing what today’s nurses want from a potential employer. This includes:

  • Work-life balance. This is especially important for nurses if they have children learning virtually at home or older relatives they’re caring for. Never before has life been so challenging for families and candidates appreciate those employers who show some flexibility in helping them maintain balance.
  • Stringent safety protocols. Nurses will expect your organization to follow all recommended guidelines in terms of PPE, sanitization, social distancing and more. They’re on the front lines caring for patients each day and want employers who are proactively taking steps to keep them safe.
  • A positive employer brand. Nurses want to work for those healthcare organizations with a strong reputation for excellent patient care. They also want to feel valued and have access to opportunities to make meaningful contributions at work.

Now, knowing what nurses are looking for in potential employers, how can you attract the best ones to your positions? Here are a few do’s and don’ts to follow:

Do make the hiring process easy.

If the hiring process is long or complicated, or it’s hard to apply, the best candidates are going to look elsewhere. It’s important instead to make the entire process, from start to finish, a positive and straightforward experience.

Do develop an attractive benefits package.

Make sure the salary and benefits you’re offering are competitive for your position and your area. Even better, makes yours more lucrative than other healthcare organizations. This will catch the eye of experienced nurses and you’ll have an easier time finding the qualified professionals you need, faster.

Don’t keep candidates waiting.

It’s a competitive market for nurses. If your hiring process is long and cumbersome, you’re going to lose out on your top pick. It’s why you need to identify any bottlenecks and eliminate them. Also, during the entire process, keep the lines of communication open with each candidate through regular updates.

Do connect with nursing recruitment agencies.

At Provisional Recruiting, we have the knowledge, resources and expertise to connect you with qualified nursing candidates. We can help you hire faster and more cost-efficiently, all while enabling you to build a strong nursing team.

If you’re ready for professional help hiring nurses – from LPNs and RNs to nurse practitioners and more – and creating a strong talent pipeline you can tap in the future, Provisional Recruiting is here for you. Contact us today to get started and find out more.

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