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Office Services

File Clerk

File Clerk duties include performing basic clerical tasks, such as arranging documents, letters, memorandas and invoices.  Also, operating office equipment, including copier and fax.  Some data entry and general office worked also performed.

Image Specialist
Image Specialist duties include sorting and preparing documents for imaging; scanning documents and verifying images are correctly processed.  Strong knowledge of imaging and scanning computers and direct experience with electronic documents.  Extensive knowlege of Microsoft Office suite and Adobe Acrobat.
Mailroom Clerk
Mailroom Clerk duties include preparing incoming and outgoing mail for distribution.  Also, using hand or mail handling machines to time, stamp, open, read, sort and route incoming mail; and address, seal ,stamp, fold, stuff, and affix postage to outgoing mail or packages.  Duties may also include keeping necessary records and completed forms.
Records/File Clerk
Records/File Clerk duties include performing basic clerical tasks, such as systematically arranging letters, memorandas, invoices and other indexed documents according to an established system. Also, operating office equipment and completing general office work.  Additional duties may include answering telephones and some data entry.