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Provisional Recruiting Podcast

We at Provisional have extensive knowledge in handling the employment pool, how companies operate with recruiters, and the tools job seekers need to successfully land the job they’re after. We’ve created the Provisional Podcast to share our insights with both companies wanting to know more about how staffing agencies work and job seekers who are thinking about using a recruiting firm to help them get a job.

Provisional Podcast, hosted by Amanda Oeinck discusses issues relating to recruiting agencies and job seekers alike. Each episode breaks down tips and tricks for those looking to be helped by staffing agency while bringing in employment experts and recruiters to go over their experiences in the world of staffing. Come get to know those who work at Provisional Recruiting and hear insider information for how staffing works, the state of the world of the employment today, and how to gain the kind of employment you want.

If there is a specific topic you’d like to hear, we’d love for you to contact us and share it! There is a handy little button in the right hand of your screen, same goes if you want to give us feedback on the show. Also, we’d appreciate your support by sharing episodes on social media using the icons at the bottom of each episode page. If listening to us talk isn’t your thing or if hearing impaired, we have transcripts that you can download so that you don’t miss any information we share.

We hope the information and discussions we have help both job seekers and companies know more about how staffing agencies work, as well as benefit from the tips and advice we give.

Thank you for listening to Provisional Podcast, and we look forward to hearing from you!

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