Questions to Ask in the Interview to Decide If It’s Right for You

Starting a new job, only to find out it’s now what you thought is more than disappointing. It can be devastating. The good news? You can prevent this from happening by asking the right questions during the interview process.

Doing so helps ensure you’re clear about the expectations that come with the job, so you can determine if it’s really a good fit for you. It also helps you learn about culture and what working for the employer is truly like. When you know you’re a good match for more than the job, but the company, you can rest assured you’ll enjoy your new position.

So, what are some questions to ask to find those opportunities that are a fit? Here’s a look at a few.

What do you enjoy most about working here? Least?

Asking the hiring manager this will help you get a sense of what the company’s leadership is like and what to expect from the overall culture. You might learn things that appeal to you or those that are dealbreakers.

How would you describe the culture?

Corporate. Laid back. Fun. Innovative. Flexible. It doesn’t matter what the culture is like as long as it’s a match for you. If, for instance, you don’t want to be in a formal setting with strict company policies, a larger corporation might not be the right fit for you. A smaller company with a more casual culture might be the right match.

What are the goals and expectations of this position?

Make sure you clearly understand what you’d be doing, how your progress will be measured, and the results you’re expected to deliver. If you walk into the job thinking you’ll be doing one thing, only to find out it’s not at all what you expected, this leads to disengagement and frustration. Keep in mind, not every job is a fit for you and finding this out ahead of time is key.

Are there opportunities for training and advancement?

If this is an important benefit for you, make sure you ask about it. When a company has formal training, mentoring, internal promotions, and other similar programs and policies in place, it’s also a good indication they value their people and invest in them.

Can you tell me more about the team I’d be working on?

This will help you to understand the dynamics of it before accepting a job and finding out it’s not the right fit. Ask about your boss (if they’re not the one interviewing you), the people on the team, how they work, and what the general atmosphere is like. This might also give you an opportunity to discuss the experiences you’ve had working with a similar type team, furthering setting you apart from other candidates.

Some other questions to ask about include any specific projects you’d be working on to start, what challenges or opportunities to expect with the job or the company, and how often to expect performance appraisals. When you have the answers to these questions, you’ll have a much clearer sense of whether the job is right for you.

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