Showing Gratitude This Fall is the Best Way to Keep Your Team Engaged & Happy

It’s the season for giving and a great time to show your team how thankful you are for them. To do that, though, you don’t need a huge rewards and recognition budget. Instead, follow these few tips to get your team engaged and keep them happy.

Say “thanks.”

It sounds deceivingly simple, yet the best way to show your employees you appreciate them is to tell them. Thank them for a job well done over the past year. Or, show your gratitude once a big project has been completed. Be specific when you thank them and even broadcast your appreciation on the company website, in the newsletter, on the blog, social media channels, and other areas.

Give them a small gift.

Another simple way to thank your people is to give them a small token of your appreciation. You can offer them a gift card, digitally, to a store or restaurant you know they’ll like. This will give them a tangible reward for their hard work, showing them you are grateful for their efforts.

Celebrate the wins.

When someone earns a promotion or hits a big sales milestone, make time to celebrate it. When you show your employees that you recognize their skills, expertise and effort, it’s going to motivate them to continue to work hard for you.

Offer clear paths for advancement.

Whether an employee wants to step up or to a different department, get to know their career goals. Then work together to create a clear path toward achieving them. This way, your employees will know exactly what they have to do in order to progress in your organization.

Focus on work life balance.

Now more than ever, your employees want to maintain a healthy balance in their lives. To do that, work with them to find out what they need. Perhaps flex schedules, a four-day work week, or the ability to telecommute would enable them to better balance life. Other options include offering perks, like financial counseling, discounts on gym memberships, and healthy snack options in the company cafeteria.

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