Spokane Needs Screeners! Find Covid Screener Jobs Now

There’s a brand new job on the marketplace with plenty of opportunities in Spokane and North Idaho. It’s for COVID screeners with demand spiking in the months ahead due to cold weather and close quarters. What exactly is this job? And how can you find one? Here’s what you need to know.

What’s a COVID Screener?

A COVID screener is someone typically employed by a hospital, clinic or another healthcare organization to screen incoming patients for the virus. This includes asking a series of questions to determine a person’s risk for COVID, find out about any symptoms being experienced, travel history in recent weeks, and exposure to someone who has been confirmed to have COVID. Most healthcare organizations now require all incoming patients be questioned, which is where the demand for screeners has come in.

What Are the Daily Duties?

It depends on what your employer needs. However, beyond talking to patients and asking questions, the typical day in the life of a COVID screener can also include the following duties:

  • Screening employees and volunteers.
  • Providing COVID-related information and educational materials when necessary.
  • Acting as an on-site advocate for proper hygiene, social distancing and other protocols, ensuring all who enter the building are properly following them.
  • Entering data into an online database and disseminating information as needed.
  • Maintaining an area that’s clean and hygienic through sterilization of instruments and equipment, sanitizing work stations, and ordering medical and office supplies as needed.

There are many different scheduling opportunities available for COVID screeners. Some organizations offer 9-5 type positions, others are strictly over the weekends, and still others are part-time only. If you already have a full-time job or just a part-time one, it’s an excellent way to supplement your income.

How Can I Find Jobs as a COVID Screener?

It’s easy with Provisional Recruiting. We work with a range of healthcare organizations across Spokane and Northern Idaho and can connect you quickly with opportunities that are the right fit for you. Not only will we help you polish your resume, but get it right in front of potential employers, so you get hired faster. If you’re ready to get started, simply contact our team today!

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