Sustainable Longevity or Revolving-Door: Which Describes Your Company?

Keeping your top employees is critical to the success of your company. If, however, you have a revolving door culture – one where employees are constantly coming and going – it’s a problem. This can impact productivity, morale, recruiting, and profits. If you have issues with retention, here are a few key tips for improving tenure and achieving sustainable longevity at your company:

Make sure your people know the meaning of the work they do.

When employees aren’t connecting the dots between what they do and the impact they’re having on the company, it can lead to higher turnover. It’s up to you to let them know why their work is meaningful and how the contributions they make affect the team, the department and the company overall. Employees will feel more loyal and vested in your company, as a result.

Give employees opportunities to learn and grow.

Maximizing your employees’ potential will not only help them gain skills and expand their knowledge base, it will benefit your company. This will provide you with a pipeline for internal promotions and also send the message to employees that you care about their career success and goals. You can even offer formal mentoring programs, as well as continuing educational opportunities.

Lead by example.

The best relationships are built on trust. It’s therefore important to lead by example, keep your word, and be the kind of manager you’d want to work for. When you take this approach – and are open, honest, and get to know your people – you’ll forge stronger ties and bonds with your team, creating more cohesion and a healthier work environment.

Create a drama-free work culture.

Nothing takes away from productivity and morale more than gossip and drama. So make sure you’re working to nip these issues in the bud when you hear of them and focus, instead, on creating a culture built on positivity and integrity.

Be open to flexible work schedules.

Today, more than ever, it’s clear that employees can telecommute or work from home and still be productive. Some employees want to work in-house at the office. Others would rather work a few days a week at home, so they can maintain a more flexible schedule. Be open to these non-traditional arrangements that help your team members maintain a healthier work-life balance.

Offer competitive compensation.

If you’re not paying your employees fairly or offering benefits, then none of the above matters much. Employees want to work for those who value them and help them advance. However, if they’re not earning what they’re worth, then they’re going to move onto different opportunities at other companies.

Keeping your best employees is a challenge for every company. However, when you focus on the few steps above, you’ll go a long way in creating the kind of place where people want to work and remain.

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