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IT Development

Applications Developer
Applications Developer duties include writing, designing, testing and supporting complex software programs that, depending on the organization, are run on internal systems or packaged for sale and general use.
Database Administrator

Database Administrator responsibilities include recovery (backups and testing of backups), performance analysis and tuning, data dictionary maintenance, and database design.  Typical duties include installation of new software, configuration of hardware and software, security administration, data analysis, database design, and data modeling and optimization.


Programmer/Analyst duties include developing and modifying application programs of a high degree of complexity and scope.  Also responsible for designing, coding, testing, debugging, and documenting those programs.  May carry out or participate in problem analysis and system design preparatory to development of programs.  May advise on operating problems of assigned programs.  May give some technical assistance to other staff.  Competent to work at the highest technical level of all phases of applications programming activities.

Software Engineer

Software Engineer responsibilities include defining software requirements, performing software design, computer programming, user interface design, software testing, and software maintenance tasks.  Software engineering also draws on knowledge and skills from fields such as computer science, computer engineering, mathematics and project management.

Web Designer

Web Designer responsibilites include development, modification and implementation of internet and intranet web designs.  Based on need analysis, develops solutions from concept to implementation using web related development technologies (i.e. html, javascript, C/C++, ActiveX, CGI) and system (i.e. Internet Information Server, Suitespot, Domino, HAHTSite, LiveWire).  Works on projects of considerable complexity and requires a mastery of development tools on a wide range of development platforms. 

Web Developer

Web Developer responsibilities include web design, information architecture, usability engineering, web content managment systems, web server administration, and search engine optimization.  Typical duties include specialization in either frontend or backend work and maintaining databases directly on web servers.