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IT Support

Application Support Analyst

Application Support Analyst duties include providing the application training and end user support required by users of a specific software (i.e. Java, SAP, C++, etc.).  May work directly with end users to answer questions, set expectations, plan and deliver products and services to meet the user's training needs. 

Desktop Specialist

Desktop Specialist responsibilities include support to network clients and delivery of new hardware and software.  Other duties include providing software, hardware and network support; deploying, configuring, installing, testing, and maintaining network components, printing, user environment, security and software; managing exchange email; and diagnostics and maintenance of hardware and software systems.

Help Desk Support

Help Desk Support duties include managing requests via help desk software (incident tracking), that allows help desk to track user requests with a unique ticket number.  Responsibilities include tier one support, phone or face-to-face support with end users, troubleshooting and tracking, and issues trouble tickets that detail the problem.

Software Tester

Software Tester duties include being responsible for defining interface testing requirements, building test cases, defining interfacing systems, coordinating with the interfacing systems, executing test cases, and reserching the found results.

Software Trainer

Software Trainer responsibilities include delivering technical training programs, using appropriate training methods which includes multi-media and course/curriculum materials; training new and existing customers at customer site, over the internet, and on the telephone; and assisting in the development of training materials.

Technical Support
Technical Support duties include managing end-user hardware and software support; troubleshooting software and hardware problems; training end-users on new software and hardware; and answering technical questions about equipment and software applications.  Proficiency in Microsoft Office suite required.